Bobby Darin
A Bit of Sinatra, A Bit of Martin, A Lot of Himself

This article, written by Jack Ryan, appeared in
the April 15, 1973 issue of TV Channels Magazine.

Too Much Talent?

Bobby Darin is so loaded with talent that this in itself might have hampered his career development in some area. Nevertheless, Walden Robert Cassotto has come a long way from his New York birthplace.

He is now a regular on NBC and for Bobby Darin, as he is now known, that will do for the time being. Research indicates that Darin's vast talent will not languish on the TV tube alone. Since security is no longer a problem, he can swing his career into any channel.

He already has a modest string of movie credits to his name, although he says that one of those films was a mistake.

Darin had a feature role in an excellent film with Sidney Poitier entitled "Pressure Point." Bobby played an anti-Negro soldier being treated by a black psychiatrist. It was a fine film, but Darin says, "It hurt my image. It took several romantic comedies plus a great role in 'Captain Newman, M.D.' to erase the impression I made with 'Pressure Point'. "

He also maintains one of the most rugged schedules of any top entertainer in the country. Among the night clubs around the country where he has headlined are the Sands in Las Vegas; Deaubille in Miami; Royal Casino in Washington; Copacabana in New York and the New Arena in Pittsburgh.

These appearances grind on the slender singer, but Darin apparently thrives on hard work.

His style is a little like a zesty Sinatra and a little like a budding Dean Martin, yet he does not imitate either of these two fine singers. He has a style all his own. He has Sinatra and Martin touches to his act, too, but he also has an appeal all his own and he has not yet outgrown that awesome sub-20 set with its mammoth capacity for buying records.

Most of Darin's work is his own. He is an accomplished and published song writer and knows how to play piano, drums, guitar, vibes and harmonica.

In one area, he set a standard that has yet to be matched. When he was first breaking onto the national scene in the early 1950s, he established himself as a singular person not one of the bevy of busts who skittered across the national limelight on the basis of one hit song and then disappeared from public view.

One reason for this success is that Bobby Darin is an accomplished performer and he is all his own man.

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