"About Bobby's conceitness, "Nina said, "this is what I'd like to say to anybody who brings that subject up. Conceitness , I'd like to say first, probably isn't the right word even. Because the word conceited means you have the idea you're good. Well, in Bobby's case, he knows he's good. And to me, that isn't conceit. It's assurance. An assurance he has of his talent..Bobby isn't conceited about other things. Not about his looks, God knows. In fact, one day a photographer was here taking pictures and he said, 'Okay Jimmy, how about a shot over here?' And Bobby laughed and said 'You've got it wrong mister--Jimmy Darren's the actor, the good looking one. I'm Bobby Darin, the singer, the homely one.'..So it's not about his looks that Bobby brags, or anything like that, but about his talent. And if you say he's bad to go bragging like this, then you've got to say equally well that its good to be a hypocrite."

"You know though", she said, "it's funny how somebody like my brother can, at the same time he's bragging about himself, feel so strongly about other people--in such a quiet way, a humble way. I mean, I don't think that I have ever met a person on this earth who had less prejudice, no prejudice, towards any of his fellow men...big or small..especially small."

Bobby and Nina

A phone, in the next room, rang and interrupted Nina. Nina got up and excused herself. A minute or two later she was back, "That," she said, "was one of Bobby's would-be girlfriends, some dancer from New York." "Soon as they know he's home they start calling for dates," Vivi, her daughter said."Is that what she wanted Mama, to know what Bobby was doing tonight?" Nina nodded. Then to us, she said, "You'd think they'd know by now that if there's one thing Bobby doesn't like it's a pushy girl. I told this one, whoever she was, that he was sleeping, and that she should call back later. But between you and me, I don't think it's going to get her very far."

We asked Nina to tell us something about her brother and his girlfriends. "Well, he's never had any girlfriends, really-- not as far as I know. I mean girls he's gone out with steady, over a period of time...The very first time he went on a real date, I remember was his high school prom. I remember this because , being so casual about so many things, he was really excited about this, asking me all that day what he should do at the dance, what he should talk about. That night, I remember I drove him and his date to the dance. I had this old Model-A Ford and I took them to this snazzy hotel down on fifty-ninth street, and I let them off about a block and half down the block from the hotel so I wouldn't embarass them...But what I remember most about this whole thing is the next day, Bobby saying to me that he'd had a nice time, that the girl was nice and all that but that he'd decided he wasn't ready to settle down to any single girl the way some of the other fellows at the prom seemed to be, and that he wanted to take his time before deciding who the main girl in his life would be....And, far as I know, this is the way its been since. Bobby goes out. With lots of girls. But nothing very serious. He's still taking his time."

We asked Nina then if she could picture the kind of girl her brother would eventually settle down with and marry. "I can see her, yes, "Bobby's sister said. "First she will be a very feminine type. Very petite." She thought for a moment. "Then," she said, "For some reason she will be fair-haired, light brown or blonde. Don't ask me why. I just see her this way." "Then, she will have to be an understanding type, understanding from the word go, to put up with Bobby in these moods, I was telling you before, to help him when he's under some of the pressures of this business he's in--she'll have to be understanding, very, very understanding."

"And a good housecleaner,"Vivi put in. "You should see Uncle Bobby with us. He always wants the house spick-and -span when he's home...we're just through eating and he says 'Okay Vivi, you clear the table --and you Vana over to the sink and get that water pushing through the pipes." "I wish", Nina said, nodding, "that he were home more often."

"It's true", Vivi said, "he's a real slave driver sometimes." Nina nodded, and then she said"--And I see her, the girl Bobby marries someday, as having one other thing, a great sense of humor. Dry." "Like Grandma's", Vana said. "Yes-like the kind of sense of humor my mother had, "Nina said, "In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if, subconsciously, Bobby were looking around for a girl like our mom."

Bobby & Sandra Dee

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