Bobby Darin and
Bill "Billy Mac" McCubbin

"Billy Mac" 1973

At a very young age Bill McCubbin found himself in Las Vegas working for the multi-talented Bobby Darin.

As part of Bobby's band Billy traveled with Bobby working all over the country and in Vegas and also on Bobby's 1973 NBC The Bobby Darin Show. Bobby introduces "Billy Mac" during the amazing Mack Is Back DVD.

When Bobby was too ill to continue performing, Billy and the rest of the band went on to work with Tony Orlando.

Still working to keep Bobby's name and music out there, on October 25, 2013, he sang a "tanfastic" version of "Clementine" at The Bootlegger Bistro in Las Vegas.

Billy's "Clementine."

(Many thanks to Jimmy Scalia and Billy for capturing this for everyone!

Billy not only backed Bobby up on a killer bass, today he backs Bobby by narrating the Milk Shows Promo. Good job, Billy!!
("The Milk Shows Promo" was created and edited by Anthony Scalia.)

"Billy Mac" talks about Bobby. Interveiw by Jimmy Scalia. Video

"Billy Mac" 2013

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