Bobby Rydell

Bobby Rydell's 2013 Las Vegas Concert

Dodd Darin's Comments

In January my family and I took a trip out to Las Vegas to see Bobby Rydell's show. What a wonderful evening it turned out to be! First of all as everybody knows Bobby is a fantastic entertainer. He is carrying the torch of quality music and classy showmanship that harkens back to Frank, Sammy and Dean. What a treat it was to see a legendary performer, backed up with a great band in a Vegas showroom that was packed and really, really loving the show. For me personally it became an emotional and deeper experience. Bobby was kind enough to talk a little about my dad and what he meant to him and then went on to do a dynamite medley of my dad's hits. At one point during the medley I flashed back to July, 1973 at the Las Vegas Hilton when I watched my dad perform for the final time. It was a powerful moment for me that was heightened further when I looked at my own children and the audience really enjoying the music. My how a lifetime can fly by in what seems like the blink of an eye. Itís one thing for my children to watch their granddaddy on DVD or hear him on the radio but itís quite another to hear his music performed live in a showroom!

Bobby has overcome some health issues over the past year and itís fantastic to see him in such fine form on stage. There was a very loving energy in the showroom that night as many friends and colleagues of his were elated to see him healthy and doing what he loves to do. I am deeply grateful for the tribute he does to honor my father. It shows what a generous and kind man he is. Many performers would not make such a gesture as their ego/pride etc. would get in the way. Itís a rare man indeed who can reach the pinnacle of show business as he has and yet be such a stand up and loyal friend. Bravo Bobby!

If you get the chance to see Bobby perform don't hesitate; he's simply fantastic. To his wife Linda, and his assistant Linda, I thank you both for putting the evening together for my family and I. Life should be about making meaningful memories and that evening was certainly that for my family and I.

Bobby, keep doing your thing my friend. You are leaving each audience with a smile on their face and them wanting more. Thank you for helping people remember my dad so many years after his passing. You have touched my heart.

Love and blessings to you and your family. ~ Dodd Darin

Photos courtesy of Dodd Darin and Linda Hoffman.

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