Bobby Darin and Robert "Rosie" Rozario

Bob Rozario during the last NBC "Bobby Darin Show."

The pianist in the Eddie Karem band and the musical conductor on "The Bobby Darin Amusement Company" and "The Bobby Darin Show" was Bob "Rosie" Rozario. Rozario was a close friend of Bobby's. He said in an interview for WLAS TV Las Vegas in 1983, regarding Bobby's showmanship, "He had an instinct of knowing what to do when, and when to do it, he always had a finger on the pulse of the audience."

Bobby introducing "Rosie" on the last NBC "Bobby Darin Show."


About Bobby's failing health in 1973, "He (Bobby) let me into his illness but he never wanted anyone else to know, that he wasn't feeling well. He'd come off stage and he'd say, 'Give me five minutes to rest' ... he probably thought it was a weakness and didn't want anyone else to see it. I would see him just crawl up the steps sometimes, and barely able to make it past the stage and he'd say, 'I dont think I can go another inch,' ... then the curtain would go up and he'd be a completely different person."

"Rosie" in 1983

Rozario and other members of Bobby's band went on to work for Tony Orlando when Bobby was not able to work. The band and Tony Orlando were together when they received the news of Bobby's death. Rozario completely broke down and sobbed into the phone to his wife, "We've lost him, we've lost him." Rosie later shared,"It was very tramantic for me because I could never accept he was going, I always thought he would weather it."

"Rosie" and Tony Orlando

In 1980-1981, Bob Rozario was the conductor on Marie Osmond's variety show Marie. In 1999, he toured with Vic Damone.

Bobby "Rosie" Rozario
October 2, 2013

It was with much sadness we learned of Bobby's passing. He will be greatly missed by family, friends and fans.

Dennis Bono remembers "Rosie" with great fondness.

“Bob was my dear friend and musical mentor. He lived his life the way he played the piano, with dignity, elegance, passion, and with a gentle soul. He will be missed, but I will always feel his presence when I am singing those beautiful arrangements he wrote for me. The Bob Rozario Ensemble has been such an important ingredient of our show for the last 14 years and in honor of Bob, the ensemble will continue under his name. Therefore Bob will always remain an important part of The Dennis Bono Show.”

(Thank you to Su Cote for the photo.)

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