A Tribute to "Rosie" by Dodd Darin

October 3, 2013

I never had anticipated that the news I received on October 3rd would be so crucial a loss to team Darin. Bob Rozario, or ďRosie,Ē as my dad affectionately referred to him as, will not only resonate through the hearts of all who knew him, but also the ears of anyone who listens to my fatherís later collection of work.

Popís band was like an elite, well-oiled machine; not only were the men very close in their personal lives, but they respected each other as musicians and in every sense. My father understood that the band was just as important as the singer and as he frequently did, he put a large amount of trust into Rosie.

Understanding that this generous, special, and highly skilled piano player had worked with Louis Prima years before, Pop confronted Rosie to be his musical arranger as well as stay as his onstage piano player. Even though he knew that this amazing man had never arranged before, my father could see a talent that was about to blossom and sure enough, he was completely correct. Rosie went on to arrange beautiful music for my father which he and countless others have enjoyed throughout the years.

On a personal level, Bob was the most gentle and generous human being one could ever meet. I and those who knew him are so lucky to have experienced a wonderful friend who remained loyal not only to me but also to my fatherís legacy and there is no greater honor than that. I understand that no one will ever fill the void of this wonderfully talented musician, greatly appreciated musical partner, and exceptionally heart-felt friend and so I am humbled to say that Rosie truly was adored by all who knew him.

Rest in peace dear friend.

With love and gratitude,

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