Bobby Darin





      I was sittin' by the bank on a hollow stump

      When I thought I heard me a bullfrog jump

      Turned around and sure enough there

         he sat

      He said excuse me, buddy, but I've been

         readin' your news

      And I'm sorry to say that I'm a

         little confused

      You bein' human, well you'd know where

         it's at.


      He said I read where this old world's

         gonna fold

      And all on account of a thing called gold

      And that's somethin' hard for us frogs

         to understand

      Now you're lookin' at me like I'm

         kinda funny

      But where I live we don't have no money

      So we want to be hip to the happ'nin's

         here on land.


      Now I thought I was stoned so I

         started walkin'

      I mean whoever heard of a bullfrog talkin'

      But then I realized I hadn't been grazin'

         in no grain

      So I figured I'd tell him just what I thought

      'bout how gold was sold and how gold

         was bought

      And he'd understand our world when

         I explained.


      I said it all started a long time ago

      When the people first learned to reap

         and sow

      They got all the things they needed right

         out of the earth

      Like how many leaves and how many trees

      Would it take to cover up the anatomies

      And that's how you figured how much a suit

         of clothes was worth.


      Well then man he learned how to milk a cow

      And how to till the soil with a stone

         blade plow

      And he kept so busy he never had time to

         do you harm

      Then he'd take his produce and all that milk

      And go into town and trade them for silk

      So his woman she'd look sharp down at

         the farm.


      Well the bullfrog let out a belly croak

      Like I'd told him some kind of a joke

      And he said I think you're jivin' me my man

         (what me?)

      I said I know it sounds kinda mystifyin'

      But the truth of the matter is I ain't lyin'

      I mean I ain't talkin' no bullfrog,

         you understand?


      He said now don't get upset I'm not

         agin' you

      You just go ahead, go ahead and continue

      And I'll be quiet and try to understand

      He said I know about trees and leaves

         and plants

      And milk and silk and the farmer's


      But what's this thing they call supply

         and demand.


      I said well I grow cotton and you grow corn

      And you find your dungarees are all worn

      And me well I got to have somethin' to eat

      You see?  So I make you some brand

         new threads

      And now you bake me some fresh

         corn bread

      Pretty soon we'll have shops across

         the street.


      Well this didn't work, or so we've been told

      And at that time they didn't know

         about gold

      So they all agreed they'd measure their

         goods in salt

      Well that idea had an early endin'

      'cause they were eatin' more than they

         were spendin'

      And besides, whoever heard of keepin'

         salt in a vault.


      Well folks said gold was the thing to use

      To pay for stuff like from ships to shoes

      But it weighed too much and it looked too

         good to spend

      So round about sixteen hundred and ninety

      Somebody started usin' foldin' money

      And that's the tale, my friend, from end

         to end.


      Well I thought it was a damn

         good explanation

      I mean a real attempt at communication

      And I only had me schoolin' up until the

         time I was ten

      But the bullfrog right before he

         hopped away

      Well I could have sworn I heard him say

      Your world is still in the tadpole stage,

         my friend.





Lyrics from liner notes of “Bobby Darin Born Walden Robert Cassotto” LP

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