Landmark Theatre, West LA

There was a good turn-out for the screening. Bobby's powerful performance had a major impact on this film. There was crying and applauding afterwards and he was in the forefront of discussions.

After the film Angie Dickinson came on stage. A gracious, beautiful woman. When asked about Bobby she said he was very into the role. He seemed to keep more to himself, possibly dealing with other things on his mind.

There were many takes for that particular very powerful scene, for close-ups, etc. But Bobby's performance was a one shot deal. He nailed it.


In the early days, both Bobby and Angie Dickinson shared the same attorney.

And there was an acknowledgement ... a shout-out to Steve in the audience. It was Steve's idea and he encouraged Bobby to take the role. He paper clipped specific sections for Bobby to look at. On paper it wasn't a big role. However it was an important one, possibly paving the way for an Academy Award nomination at least. And, yes, Bobby ultimately received an Acadamy Award nomination for the role.

A year later when they were together, Bobby hugged Steve and said, "Glad I listened to you and took the role."

Thanks to Steve Blauner, Jimmy and Dina Scalia for this information.

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