Bobby Darin CDs


(Under Construction ... this is not a comprehensive list as there are many overseas reissues we are not aware of,
but we are trying to keep this list current and accurate. If you have any to add, please let us know. Thank you.)

If you are looking for a particular song on CD, please check out the "Where can I find this Darin song?" page on the site. It is kept as updated as possible. There are links below to unavailable CDs, which provide information about what sadly is not on the market anymore.

NOTE: Please do not email us asking about where to find the unavailable CDs. You may try or contact Darin Archivist Jimmy Scalia to help you. Thank you.

We encourage you to stock up on your favorites, buy that CD you have been wanting to buy, replace the ones you have worn out, do your Christmas shopping online and tell your friends about the magical talent that was and is Bobby Darin.

Thanks for your help!

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