The Darin Lifetime Event 2007

Poem written by Connie Jeffrey
Read at "The Darin Lifetime Event 2007"

"Bobby's Stars"

Bobby, this nightís for you.

Here for you a constellation spread.
Happiness shines
Like Sirius
Ringing round a roomful of love.

For you, light of a star.
Fired in a walk
Light of waters in Lake Mead
Running deep
A boat of dreams for you.

If you see me dance,
Look fast
It wonít last but itís for you.

If you see me laughing
Think of your teaching me
Crafting of joy
Itís for you.

If you hear me singing
Merrily flinging
Caution to the wind
Itís for you.

You have taught me joy
Like the rhythms of dancing sun
I hear you drumming.

Listen into the light.
There will come your words,
ďAs long as Iím singingÖĒ

If we listen.
Focus on the heart
Bobby, there you are.

Connie Sanford Jeffrey

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