A Letter from Bobby

To Harriet Wasser

Here is a letter Bobby wrote to his dear friend Harriet Wasser
when he was in Rome filming Come September in 1960.
It was written on EDEN HOTEL-ROMA stationery.

Dear Hesh,

I'm sorry you felt bad about my not writing, so here goes.
Everything is fine in Rome and the picture is getting along great now
(weather was holding it back for awhile). I'm glad you enjoyed the
(Dan) Raven and Hope shows (but then what don't you enjoy of mine!)

Charlie is well (he's talking now), and sends his regards to you.
I don't know when I'll be back, but it won't be too soon.
Don't defend me too much 'cause somebody might write
something nice about me--then I'll be out of the business.
Regards to El and all - and your family especially.


A copy of the actual letter courtesy of Harriet Wasser.

Charlie Maffia & Bobby Darin
during the filming of Come September, 1960

Photo courtesy of Dodd Darin.

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