Happy Anniversary

Dodd & Audrey!

Audrey and Dodd

June 5, 1999

    Name: Vicki Milaitis
    Comments: Happy anniversary Dodd and Audrey. May God bless you and Alexa. Have a
    great celebration.

    Name: Bill Polito
    From: Lodi, New Jersey
    Comments: Happy anniversary Audrey and Dodd! God Bless you and your family! Have a healthy and safe day!

    Name: Irene Crawford
    Referred by: Just surfed on in
    Comments: Much happiness to the both of you ... Dodd I loved your book ... I am going on 57
    so you know I'm from that age group. The first time I saw Gidget I was a fan of your mothers ... saw every movie she was in and I just watched "A Summer Place" on TV; you can't even count the times. Your dad's music was the greatest and when they married I was in heaven. I missed
    your mother and then one day there she was on the cover of "People Magazine" ... I still have it ... I hope this finds your family well ... Love, Irene

    Name: Karen Donohue
    From: Montreal, Canada
    Comments: HAPPY ANIVERSARY ! I remember reading in "Dream Lovers" that as you were exchanging vows, two birds happened to come along and sing above your heads. You can't ask
    for a better omen (and maybe a nod from someone watching from up above!) I wish you lots of love and joy for many years to come. As we say in Montreal, JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE!

    Name: Rick Merryman
    From: Puyallup, WA
    Comments: Thanks for providing this wonderful web site! Happy anniversary!

    Name: Ashley
    From: KY
    Comments: I read "Dream Lovers" last year, and found it absolutely inspiring that you cared enough about your parents to really find out what made them who they are. I was almost afraid
    to read it, being an enormous fan of your mom's ... I thought by reading the book, I would find
    out things to make me not like her as well, but I was wrong. She became a person to be
    admired for her courage and perseverence, not just a talented movie star. Thanks for bringing them both down to earth. May you and Audrey find and keep the happiness you both so richly deserve ... and may God always smile upon you both. Happy Anniversary.
    Sincerely, Ashley age 19

    Name: Mary Collins
    From: Memphis, TN
    Comments: Dodd and Audrey, congratulations and many more years of wedded bliss!

    Name: Cathy and John Villano
    From: New Jersey
    Comments: Happy Anniversary Dodd and Audrey. Loved your dad's music. It will live with me forever. Best wishes with some "Artificial Flowers" for the "Dream Lovers."

    Name: Jim Powers
    From: Rowley MA
    Comments: Happy anniversary kids! (jeez, for some reason I just thought of the anniversary cake in the trash barrel on the cover of the "Happy Ending" soundtrack ... nice job by Robert Darin in that one ... just wish that he had sung the tune from that flick "What Are You Doing
    the Rest Of Your Life") ... sorry to digress ... being a Darin fan is a lifetime of digressions
    (hope you understand!) Give a hug to Sandra for me.

    Name: Barb
    Comments: Audrey and Dodd, congratulations, and here's wishing you many more wonderful years together. Health and happiness always!
    Best regards, Barb

    Name: Tony, Karen and Steven Ferrigno
    From: Philadelphia, PA
    Comments: Happy anniversary to you both! The story of your wedding day in "Dream Lovers"
    is quite touching. Hope your anniversary day together is a memorable one!

    Name: Ken Kelly Jr.
    From: Sayreville, New Jersey
    Comments: Hi Dodd and Audrey! Happy anniversary! May you have many happy years together. Dodd, you've done your dad's legacy proud. Wishing you and Audrey all the best!!

    Name: Vinnie Marinello
    From: New Jersey
    Comments: Happy aniversary Dodd and Audrey! We all consider ourselves part of your extended family. We loved your dad! All our best goes out to you!

    Name: Doug LaSota
    From: Saugus, Massachusetts
    Comments: Congratulations ... I am 54 years old and have been a Bobby Darin fan since I was sixteen ... I named my son after him (Darin Robert). Good luck.

    Name: Alyn D.
    From: Colorado
    Comments: Congratualtions on all you have accomplished so far. I read Dodd's book and was overwelmed by the work that went into relaying his family's story. I wish you both many happy years together.
    Sincerely, Alyn

    Name: Leonie Parsons
    From: Australia
    Comments: Hi Audrey and Dodd - I hope your anniversary is happy and that you both have
    many more. All the best to you both. Have a fun day.

    Name: Anthony DiFlorio III
    From: Philadelphia
    Comments: Happy anniversary to two people who have found "The Other Half of Me." Congratulations, Anthony

    Name: Susan Krokidis
    From: Colorado Springs
    Comments: Happy anniversary, Audrey and Dodd! Many Happy Returns of the Day, and may your love just keep on agrowin'...

    Name: Jill Santoriello
    Website: A Tale of Two Cities: a new musical
    From: New York City
    Comments: Happy anniversary Dodd and Audrey! You make a beautiful couple (Linda posted some great pics on her sita). Here's to many more happy years together. By the way, do you
    guys know anybody fabulous and sane for this terrific 33 year old? (Just kidding ... well not really.) :-)
    Best wishes, Jill.

    Name: Keith
    Comments: To the happy couple (and family!!): All the best for continued happiness. And as I
    just listened to it on the way to school this AM, I'm glad you've both found "the other half."
    Keep it swingin, kids!!!!!

    Name: Lin
    From: West Seneca N.Y.
    Comments: Dodd & Audrey, wishing you many, many years of love, health and happiness. I
    have been a fan of your father's since I was 11 years old, back in 1961 when my parents got me hooked, now my teenage children are carrying on the tradition.
    Best Wishes, Lin, Dave & family

    Name: Jimmy Scalia
    From: Lodi, N.J.
    Comments: Hello Dodd and Audrey, happy anniversary! I hope you day is full of blue skies
    and sunshine on your special day. Dina sends her love and best wishes as well.

    Name: Christina Wachenheimer
    From: Chicago
    Comments: Happy anniversary! My family and I wish you as much joy today as on the day of your wedding.

    Name: Mitchell Orfuss
    From: New York City
    Comments: A happy and healthy anniversary to you both ... and many, many more!

    Name: Max Allan Collins
    Website: FOMAC
    From: Muscatine, IA
    Comments: Happy anniversary, Dodd and Audrey, from a fan old enough and dedicated enough to have bought Bobby Darin records on Decca, first time around, back in grade school! Enjoy
    the day and all best wishes.

    Name: Brian W. Fairbanks
    From: Cleveland, Ohio
    Comments: Wishing you all the best on this anniversary and all the others yet to come.
    Sincerely, Brian W. Fairbanks

    Name: Thomas A. Vaccina
    From: New York
    Comments: Dear Dodd & Audrey, here's wishing you both a very HAPPY anniversary!! May
    you both enjoy the pride & joy in little Alexa that your father had in you, Dodd

    Name: Donna Carter
    From: Oklahoma City
    Comments: Happy anniversary!! May all your days be filled with love, laughter and music ...

    Name: Linda
    Website: The Legendary Bobby Darin
    From: MO
    Comments: Happy anniversary Dodd and Audrey!! Hope the coming year is blessed for you two and Alexa. You all will always be in in our hearts!!! God Bless you always.

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