Bobby Darin Concert Reviews

Bobby performing at Freedomland in the Bronx, summer of 1963
(Photo courtesy of Sam Votta)

Young Singer At Forest Hills

This review, written by Joe Danoff,
was donated by Vinnie Marinello

Bobby Darin opened the 1962 Forest Hills Music Festival Saturday night and when he finished you knew this boyish performer had more than a hit record-- "Mack The Knife" --to his credit. You knew, in the world of entertainment, Bobby Darin is a unique, multi-talented performer and his horizon is yet to be achieved.

In addition to his singing the young artist showed his versatility when he alternately took his turn at the piano, did a stint on the drums like a pro, played a tuneful little ditty on the vibraphone and strummed a guitar to the delight of the senior citizens in the stadium. His performance included something for people of all ages, from the teeners to the oldsters. His selections were all in good taste.

The Darin young man also did impressions of Jimmy Stewart, the late Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart, all with convincing effect.

The accompanying music of Si Zenter and his orchestra did much to enhance the Darin performance.

During the evening, Borough President John T. Clancy of Queens, presented Darin with a plaque from the New York Heart Association "for meritorious service."

Authentic ticket from Mr. Darin's performance
at the Albany NY Amory, June 1962

Darin A Musical Delight at Copa

This review, written by Frank Quinn and donated by Vinnie Marinello
appeared in the New York Mirror, May 19, 1963

Bobby Darin is back for his fourth starring appearance at the Copacabana and the young singer makes it a musical treat. The experience Darin has gained through movie work has given him a patina of perfection.

Today, Darin is no longer only able to handle a rhythm and blues tune but one with a first class repertoire. He's in command all the way, and has the patrons applauding with vigor when his well paced, varied stint is over.

Bobby has brought with him the bearded Richard Behrke, who furnishes sophisticated keyboard accompaniment and directs the augmented band. Behrke plays lots of solid piano.

Bobby's song stint ranges from ballads to rhythm and folk tunes. The youngster also displays a sharp sense of comedy with a series of impressions of Hollywood celebs.

"One for my Baby'" is rendered as it might have been done by Cary Grant, Robert Mitchum, Dean Martin, Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart. Darin's accompanying facial impressions are equally good.

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