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Update 11/4/05: Darin at the Grammys ...

Roger Kellaway's two Darin CDs on IPO Recordings (1. I Was There-----Roger Kellaway Plays From The Bobby Darin Songbook [Solo Piano] 2. Remembering Bobby Darin-----The Roger Kellaway Trio) received seven Grammy nominations. We are delighted to find that both of Roger's new CD's have made it to Round #2! Next will be the final vote in committee for the "Jazz" categories. So far, this is what the nominations are for:
1. Field 10, Category 47- Best Jazz Instrumental Solo #134- "I Found A New Baby"
2. F 10, C 48 - Best Jazz Instrumental Album #097 - "I Was There" [Solo CD]
3. F 10, C 48 - Best Instrumental Jazz Album #098 - "Remembering Bobby Darin" [Trio CD]
4. F 23, C 83 - Best Instrumental Composition #134 - "Remember"
5. F 23, C 84 - Best Instrumental Arrangement #126 - "Splish Splash"
6. F 27-Production, Non-Classical C 90 - Best Engineered Album #088 - "I Was There" - Engineer: Tim Martyn
7. F 27- Prod., Non-Classical C 90 - Best Engineered Album #176 - "Remembering Bobby Darin" [The Roger Kellaway Trio] Engineer: Drew Daniels

(Special thanks to Roger Kellaway for keeping us informed! And Good Luck!!)

Update 10/22/05: NEW UK Darin Tribute ...
The Bobby Darin Songbook

Keith Woolfenden, promotions and marketing manager for USO Productions, has recently announced information regarding a SPECTACULAR new show, featuring Tony Benedict portraying BOBBY DARIN. Accompaniment is provided by the NELSON RIDDLE
TRIBUTE ORCHESTRA. Musical director is Greg Francis.

Greg is also involved in the process of collecting as many names as possible of BD fans in the UK, with the intention of building a solid fanbase there. His plans are to direct mail all of the people on the USO Production's mailing list (which is currently around 3000!) and give them the link to the BOBBY DARIN OFFICIAL WEBSITE and Darinfan email list!
(Special THANKS to Keith Woolfenden and Greg Francis for this exciting info!!!)

Update 10/16/05: Bobby CD ...

Warner Bros. (Canada) released a new Bobby Darin 12 track CD
"The Essentials - Bobby Darin"
Tracks: 1. Mack the Knife 2. Splish Splash 3. Beyond the Sea 4. Dream Lover 5. You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby 6. Clementine 7. If I Were a Carpenter 8. Artificial Flowers 9. Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey 10. Lazy River 11. Things 12. Nature Boy

Update 10/2/05: Bobby nominated for PopHall ... Beyond the Song on DVD

The PopHall (the world's one and only Popular Music Hall of Fame & Museum) Board of Governors is pleased to announce that the slate of nominees has been finalized for this year's induction balloting. Inductees for the class of 2005 will be officially announced on 1/1/06. Check here for the entire list of categories and nominees.
Bobby is nominated in the Performer Category (3 to be inducted)

Special Thanks to Richard F. Hamre, Executive Director, The Popular Music Hall of Fame & Museum

Ronald F. Davis, Managing Director for Kultur Video, has announced they will
distribute Beyond the Song on DVD. Check here for ordering information.

Update 9/25/05: Bobby is back in Vegas ... Macy's Ad ...

Check out "Vegas Lori's" wonderful TRIBUTE to Bobby that she & her assistant developed for the Senior Lifelong Learning Fair at the UNLV. Lori also donated a Bobby Darin CD, "Live from Las Vegas --The Las Vegas Centennial Collection" to be given away as a prize. The winner of the CD, Jo Krug, just happened to be a longtime resident of Las Vegas and had seen Bobby perform LIVE on the strip!

Macy's Department Stores are featuring Bobby's "Make Someone Happy" in their new ad campaign.

Click HERE to hear it!

Update 8/21/05: David Evanier Interview ...

Jerry Jazz Musician, August 2005, features an interview with Bobby Darin biographer,
David Evanier, author of Roman Candle.
Topics discussed include: Bobby's first experiences as an entertainer, early admirers of Darin, his stage presence, manipulating his image, Hollywood's impression and the 1963 retirement, Darin's understanding of his political impact, Darin's importance to American culture. And, of course, the film Beyond the Sea. Also featured are very special photographs and audio clips of people who knew and worked with Bobby.
This comprehensive interview can be found Here
(Thanks to David Evanier for this information)

Update 8/7/05: Darin St. Louis Tribute ...

Tony Viviano will be performing "The Rarin' Darin Concert" at the Missouri History Museum, September 6, 2005. Check out Tony's website for more info.
(Scroll to the bottom of the page for two flyers about the show)

Update 7/27/05: New Darin Article ...

The latest issue of Filmfax magazine includes the second of two parts in the series on Bobby Darin. This fascinating article, written by Dwayne Epstein, concerns his underappreciated acting career. The July-Sept issue, with Star Wars on the cover, is on newsstands now.

Update 7/24/05: New Google email list: Darinfan ...

We are happy to announce our new home for the Official Darinfan email list is at Googlegroups. It is up and running, so all you need to do is go to the "Fans" section for more information and join now!

Update 6/6/05: Beyond the Sea DVD ...

Lions Gate Entertainment, in cooperation with this website, will offer the
DVD Beyond the Sea to five lucky winners. Learn how HERE.

Update 5/19/05: Bobby Acknowledgements ...

John Stevens is 17 years old and has a record, Red coming out on Maverick Records June 28th. It was produced by Steve Tyrell and executive produced by David Foster. John wanted to use "My goal is to be remembered as a human being and as a great performer." - Bobby Darin - on his CD as a tribute to Bobby. Steve Blauner was able to make John happy. Bobby's quote will appear on the CD.

England: Bobby Darin's great music life is covered in this show starring Tony Benedict. This fantastic show is on 14th July at Tamworth Assembly Rooms and is a great way to celebrate the music of a great performer. Tony Benedict (founding member of the world famous ‘Kings of Swing’) pays a special homage to the legendary artist. For further information on the show you can log onto Tickets are £15.00 (£14.00) and are available from Tamworth Tourist Information Centre, 29 Market Street, Tamworth, Staffs, B79 7LR.

REMINDER: Check out this page, for Bobby's This Is Your Life on DVD!

Update 5/14/05: Happy Birthday Bobby ...

Today would of been Bobby Darin's 69th birthday. We all miss him very much. His family, friends, and fans all have special memories. Celebrate the memories today!
A picture of Bobby from 1970 here

Update 5/03/05: This Is Your Life on DVD ...

Nate Tytor, Director of Web Marketing & Fulfillment Respond 2 Entertainment announced: We're very happy to let you know that the This Is Your Life program featuring Bobby Darin is a part of the Collection. In this show from 1959, viewers see Bobby's spontaneous display of mutual respect for his mentors Sammy Davis, Jr., and George Burns and get a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse at his family and friends. You can check out the official site at
They are now accepting orders for the DVD on the website well before the retail street date of Tuesday, May 31st.

Update 4/23/05: Dodd's Message ...

Dodd wanted everyone to know how much you all mean to him during this time.
Read his letter to YOU.

Update 4/3/05: Darin on DVD ... BTS on DVD

The DVD of Kevin Spacey's Beyond the Sea is scheduled for release June 7th.
More information about the DVD is here

As reported earlier (see July 25th) Bobby's appearance on This Is Your Life is finally scheduled for DVD release May 31st.
More information can be found here. (Thanks to Jason (again) for this information)

Update 3/21/05: Dodd's Book ...

If you don't already have your copy of Dodd Darin's book,
Dream Lovers - The Magnificent Shattered Lives of Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee,
Don't wait another minute! It is available at:
Barnes & Noble .com

Update 3/15/05: Sandra Dee Scholarship ...

We are very happy to announce that a scholarship is in the process of being established in Sandy's hometown of Bayonne, New Jersey through the Bayonne Education Foundation.

When the fund becomes official, we will let everyone know where to send donations. Please be patient as this may take some time to get proper approval from State and local agencies.

(Thanks to George for this information)

Update 3/13/05: March and April Darin CD Releases ...

March 22nd: Planned release date of Bobby Darin Live! At the Desert Inn, with two previously unreleased bonus tracks.
March 29th: Planned release date of the 32 track CD Feelin Good: A Classic Collection.
April 26th: Planned release date of Live At the Flamingo.

Update 3/09/05: Art Vargas & The Swank Set Live in Las Vegas!

Art Vargas will be doing a Bobby Darin tribute as part of his upcoming show at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. The show, VARGAS & THE SWANK SET, is a throw back to the Las Vegas entertainers of the 1950's & 60's. Along with the music of some of the other greats from that time, Mr. Vargas pays tribute to Bobby with a set of songs, usually "Dream Lover," "Splish Splash," "Beyond the Sea" and of course "Mack the Knife." The show has an extra special meaning as it is performed with respect and gratitude with support from Tommy Amato, Terry Kellman and Bobby Rosario.

The Riviera Hotel Casino/ Le Bistro Lounge 2901 Las Vegas Blvd.

MARCH: 11&12, 18&19, 25&26 APRIL: 1&2, 8&9 Showtime: 6:30pm-9:00pm

Nostalgia, Excitement, Classic Cool A Hip Retro trip with Vintage Vegas flair!

ALSO: Look HERE for some terrific pictures of Bobby that Art has been so kind to share with all of us!

Update 3/06/05: Sandra Dee Tribute ...

Thank you to everyone who has sent condolences either through Sandra's guest book or emails. We are greatly moved by the outpouring of heartfelt compassion during this time. Your sentiments are very touching. We are currently in the process of getting the information so that people can make contributions/donations in Sandy's memory. As soon as we have that information, we will pass it along. Thank you for your patience during this sad, troubling time.

The special tribute to Sandra Dee will be rebroadcast on Larry King Live March 6, 9 PM eastern

Update 2/20/05: Sandra Dee ...

All of our thoughts and prayers are with Dodd and his family.

Dodd has informed us that his mother, actress Sandra Dee, passed away early this morning at Los Robles Hospital from complications of kidney disease. He would like to thank everyone for all their good wishes.

As details come to us, we will forward them. So please check back.

CNN Story

Update 1/31/05: More Bobby ...

Beyond the Song (The PBS Special that originally aired December, 1998) will be released on DVD. The scheduled release date is February 22, 2005. You can pre-order at several sites. Here is one.
Check out this page for more pictures of Bobby Darin's Dream Car. (Thanks to Jane for finding these pictures.)

Update 1/20/05: WPEN Radio

If you're in the Philly area, Jimmy Scalia, Bobby Darin archivist, will be on WPEN AM radio on January 22nd at 5pm. Give a listen!

URGENT: Kevin,Dodd and Steve on Larry King Tonight 1/15!

The rebroadcast of this show will be at 9:00pm ET sorry for the late notice!

Update 12/31/04: Stan Edwards ... Art Vargas

Len Triola presents Stan Edwards -- A Tribute to "That Darin Guy"
Tuesday, January 11, 2004 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Summit Hotel East 49th Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues) New York, New York
David Evanier, author of ROMAN CANDLE, the highly acclaimed biography of Bobby Darin -- "Edwards has the essential ingredient to evoke Darin; he really can swing. He also brings taste, fervor, intelligence and a deep appreciation to this wonderful tribute."
Ron Delsener, famed concert producer of the Kevin Spacey Beyond The Sea concert --
"Stan Edwards has a great voice, reminiscent of the song stylists of the mid 50's. His tribute to Bobby Darin is heartfelt and authentic."
For reservations call: 212-759-1964 ($10 cover charge, $10 food/drink minimum)
(Thanks to Harriet Wasser for this information)

"Art Vargas here, just wanted to let ya know that I'll be doing my Darin tribute again here in Las Vegas coming up in January."
"I will again be working with Tommy Amato. Recently I've also worked with Bobby Rosario (Bobby's Piano/conductor in Vegas and for the TV shows). He like Tommy is a great sweet, and dear person, they have always supported my tribute to Bobby and it has been great to actually have them in the band backing me up.." as I told Bobby Rosario recently, "I can feel the magic." (Thanks to Art Vargas)

Update 12/23/04: WNYC Radio ... WNPR Radio

Kevin Spacey discusses his reincarnation of Bobby Darin in the new film "Beyond the Sea." The Leonard Lopate Show: Beyond the Sea In Search of... (WNYC - New York Public Radio)

WNPR New York Weekend Edition -- Sunday, December 12, 2004 Spacey Doubles Darin on Stage, Screen -- a 35 minute interview. Not content to leave his impersonation of Darin in the family living room, Spacey transforms himself into the legendary vocalist in this month's new biopic Beyond the Sea. The film chronicles Darin's journey from a sickly child whose heart was damaged by rheumatic fever, to a superstar singer-songwriter and Academy Award-nominated actor.

Update 12/20/04: Larry King Live ...Roman Candle - Top 10...Bobby

December 20, 1973: Thirty-one years later...Bobby is still missed!

Kevin, Dodd and Steve will be on Larry King Live December 31st.
(Thanks to Jimmy Scalia)

Those of you with XM satellite radio on December 28th at noon for 2 or 3 hours there will be a part 2 of the Darin radio special. It's an encore performances with dates Dec 30th at 5 PM PST, Jan 1st at 9PM PST. To make sure of times check XM radio .com

Janet Maslin of the NY Times names ROMAN CANDLE One of Top 10 Holiday Gift Books, on CBS television Prime Picks Of Books For Gifts

Update 12/14/04: Beyond the Sea New York Premier...Review of David Evanier's Book

December 8th was the New York Premier of Beyond the Sea. Check out this page for some pictures.

David Evanier's book Roman Candle: The Life of Bobby Darin is receiving wonderful reviews. Check one out.

Update 12/8/04: Bobby's Story...

Michael Anthony, host of the long running 'Unforgettables' radio program on WHPC 90.3FM (Saturday's from 7-10PM) will welcome the Executive Producer of Beyond the Sea, Arthur E. Friedman on December 11, 2004. He will discuss the long road Bobby's story has taken to get to the big screen.

(Thanks to Michael Anthony for this information.)

Update 12/2/04: Roger Kellaway Celebrates Bobby Darin...Bobby Radio Tribute

I Was There - Roger Kellaway Plays From the Bobby Darin Songbook (IPOC1006)
Check HERE for details.


This radio program features an unusual blend of BIG BAND, JAZZ, SWING, STANDARDS, SHOWTUNES, CONTEMPORARY CABARET and CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS. In the past, announcer David Kenny hosted a program which included Dodd Darin, Steve Blauner and Hesh Wasser. It can be heard every Sunday 9-11 PM (ET-USA) over WBAI 99.5 FM and on the Internet
This Sunday, December 5th, 2004 9:00PM-11:00PM (ET-USA) EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN is featuring the music of BOBBY DARIN Some of the songs from his career that will be played:
"As Long As I'm Singing" "Dream Lover" "Don't Rain On My Parade" "Mack The Knife"
"Can't Take My Eyes Off You " (From the new CD/DVD: BOBBY DARIN - ACES BACK TO BACK released on HYENA RECORDS)
Visit the website -

(Thanks to Harriet Wasser & David Kenny for this information.)

Update 11/28/04: Bobby Darin Remembered ...

Mrs. Richard Pryor (Jennifer) wrote the website: "Great site and you must all be very excited by the film, which I saw this evening...Richard receives academy copies...great film...the sound on this tape was messed up but we hung in there...nothing could dampen this movie...the experience..." Jennifer concluded by saying "Richard 'loves him and misses him.'"

Thank you Jennifer and check out Richard’s terrific website

Update 11/21/04: Bobby Darin to be featured ...

"The Museum of Television & Radio" will be featuring Bobby Darin December 3rd through January 13th. They are located at:
25 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019-6101
Phone (212)621-6600 Ad for the New York Showing
465 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4654 Ad for the Los Angeles Showing
(Thanks to Jimmy Scalia, Steve Blauner and especially Harriet Wasser who got the ball rolling!)
(Special Thanks to Rene at The Museum of Television & Radio for sending the Ads!!)

Update 11/16/04: Spacey in Concert

Here are the Kevin Spacey concert dates
December 3rd - Ventura, CA at The Ventura Theatre
December 5th - San Francisco at Bimbo's
December 6th - Los Angeles at The Wiltem
December 11th - Atlantic City at Taj Mahal (Mark Etess Arena)
December 12th - Boston at The Somerville Theatre
December 14th - NYC at Rose Hall
December 15th - Mashantucket, CT at Foxwoods Resort
December 21st - Chicago at The House of Blues
December 23rd - Miami at Barton G
December 26th - Las Vegas at Wayne Newton Theatre (Stardust Hotel)
December 27th - Las Vegas at Wayne Newton Theatre (Stardust Hotel)
(Thanks to Jimmy Scalia and Steve Blauner)

Update 11/15/04: Larry King Live News ... Spacey in Boston

Kevin, Dodd and Steve will be on Larry King. We think they are taping at the end of November and it will air December........probably the 17th or 18th. We will keep you posted.
(Thanks to Jimmy Scalia)

Beth Cosimi, Director of Marketing/Teas Party Concerts (617-547-0620 x 236) announced Kevin Spacey will be at the Somerville Theatre on December 12th. Check here for details.

Update 11/14/04: Jack Lawrence ... GSN ... Reminder!!

Jack Lawrence, the songwriter of "Beyond the Sea" shares THE STORY BEHIND THE SONG.

ALSO: Mr. Lawrence has a recently published book called THEY ALL SANG MY SONGS.
It is now available at major book stores (Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Borders).
(Special thanks to Jack Lawrence for sharing this information.)

THE GAME SHOW NETWORK: Bobby will be on "What's My Line?" as a celebrity panelist and mystery guest in five episodes (Dec. 27-31). (Thanks to Gary Flinn for this information.)

REMINDER: The David Evanier book signing/reading, and the Joey Reynold's radio broadcast are coming up on Wednesday, Nov. 17th.

Update 10/31/04: David Evanier Book ... More NEWS!!!

Join David Evanier for a night of Bobby Darin as he discusses and reads from his new book "ROMAN CANDLE: The Life of Bobby Darin." LOOK here for MORE information on this special event!!!

In conjunction with this event, an interview will be broadcast on THE JOEY REYNOLDS SHOW online at WOR710 (click on Joey Reynolds). LOOK here for MORE information.

(Thanks to David Evanier, Harriet Wasser, and Pat Zimmer for this information.)

Update 8/26/04: "Beyond The Sea" Premiere in Toronto Sept. 11...Another new CD

As reported in the trade magazine Variety, "Beyond the Sea" will make its world bow Sept. 11 at the Toronto festival, which this year is hosting a grand total of 100 world premieres !!!! (Thanks to George and Katie)...Another new Bobby CD will be released by Capitol on September 28, more info as we get it. Thanks to Jimmy), That's THREE NEW CDs in September! What a great time for Bobby!!

Update 8/21/04: More Spacey news

Check this Kevin Spacey site. Beyond The Sea trailer on Entertainment Tonight screen caps (Thanks to Josie, fansite webmaster, for this information.)

Update 8/15/04: David Evanier Book.....Bobby Darin On DVD

David Evanier's book: ROMAN CANDLE: THE LIFE OF BOBBY DARIN will have an introduction by Jerry Wexler. Special Thanks to Harriet Wasser, Steve Blauner and Jimmy Scalia who were involved in this project.

"Bobby Darin Singing At His Best" a DVD released from Passport August 10th, has clips of Bobby performing on various television shows.

Update 8/10/04: "Bobby Darin: Aces Back to Back" NEW CD/DVD release... "Songs From Big Sur" CD release... Joel Dorn & Jimmy Scalia radio interview

Hyena Records announced the September 14th release of "Bobby Darin: Aces Back to Back , compiled in conjunction with The Bobby Darin Estate and the official Darin archivist Jimmy Scalia, a CD/DVD set featuring long lost concert performances, never before heard radio broadcasts, rare studio recordings and documentary film and television footage. CLICK HERE for more information.

According to the official Darin archivist, Jimmy Scalia, "Aces Back to Back" has 20 tracks on the CD and 9 on the DVD. They are as follows:


  • This Could Be the Start of Something Big
  • Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
  • Song Sung Blue
  • All I Have to Do Is Dream
  • A Quarter to Nine
  • Alone Again Naturally
  • Beyond the Sea
  • I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
  • If I Were a Carpenter
  • Simple Song of Freedom
  • Up a Lazy River
  • Jive
  • Rainin'
  • Long Time Movin'
  • Dream Lover (Demo)
  • Blue Skies
  • Moon River
  • All the Way
  • Mack the Knife
  • The Curtain Falls
    • DVD

    • This Could Be the Start of Something Big
    • Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
    • Song Sung Blue
    • All I Have To Do Is Dream (Duet w/ Petula Clark)
    • A Quarter to Nine
    • Alone Again Naturally
    • Beyond the Sea
    • Mack the Knife
    • Lost Documentary Footage

    Joel Dorn & Jimmy Scalia, producers of "Aces Back To Back" are the scheduled guests on the Joey Reynolds Show August 17 at 1am EST on 710AM WOR radio. The program is syndicated across the country, and if you can't listen, possibly I can play a media file of the interview on the site with a transcript at a future date, if I am allowed to. I am waiting to find out. You can listen online live here.

    "Songs From Big Sur", a CD produced by Jimmy Scalia will be available in September 14 2004. More info is HERE!!!

    Update 7/25/04: Bobby's Bronx Street sign!....Campaign to get BD on postage stamp... More Spacey News.......Bobby's "This is Your Life" on DVD

    CLICK HERE for an exclusive picture of Bobby's street sign on The Bronx Walk of Fame, unveiled June 25, 2004 ( please see news update from June 24th below) This picture is courtesy of Gary Walden ( Bobby's brother) and Gary's daughter Ericha. Thank you Gary and Ericha!

    A campaign has been launched to get Bobby his own postage stamp... More info is here!....thanks Cath!

    Check out "One Life to Give" an article in AARP Magazine written by Kevin Spacey.
    Link courtesy of George and Liss (Spacey fansite webmaster)

    The website states that a box set of 18 episodes of
    "This is Your Life" are coming to DVD. Disc Two, Episode I features Bobby Darin.
    (Thanks to Jason for this information.)

    Update 7/10/04: "Shake, Rattle & Rock"

    This information was provided by Art Vargas.
    Art Vargas here ... the show that I am part of at this time in Las Vegas is called "Shake, Rattle & Rock." It is a LIVE vintage Vegas style dinner show with tribute performances to Bobby Darin, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and the Blues Brothers. It's a fun, high energy show with a lot of great tunes from the 50's & 60's.

    Tommy Amato, Bobby Darin's drummer and one of his dearest friends from the period of 1969 until Bobby's death, is in the band. I've worked with Tommy before and have known him since I've been here in Las Vegas. He really is a dear, sweet, sincere guy. He misses Bobby and tells me stories of their times together, on the road, doing shows, television, recordings, etc. Bobby recorded Tommy's tune, "Another Song on My Mind," on one of his 70's albums. Bobby lived with Tommy in Vegas for awhile. Tommy is working on a book, with a portion of it about his life with Bobby. You can see Tommy on the "Darin Invasion" video, and "Mack Is Back" from Bobby's NBC TV show.

    MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE SHOW: Shake, Rattle and Rock Dinner Show Showroom Westward Ho Hotel 2900 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109 Call For Reservations: (702) 731-2900 (800) 634-6803 Show Times: 6 p.m. Wednesday and Saturday Show Dates: June 16 - August 14, 2004 Dark: Sunday - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; July 14, 2004
    Art Vargas as Bobby Darin


    TV Land has scheduled "The Flip Wilson Show" back in its lineup.
    Check HERE for the latest Bobby episodes.

    Update 6/24/04: Bronx Tribute to Bobby!!!!......More Spacey news....

    This update comes from Harriet Wasser and also Tracy McDermott and Doris Quinones of the The Bronx Tourism Council :

    On Saturday, June 26, 2004, Borough President Adolfo Carrion, Jr. Montefiore Hospital and Hip will present the Bronx Week Parade Food and Art Festival in the Bronx. The event is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m.-851 Grand Concourse, in the Rotunda two blocks from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. . Five well known Bronx personalities will be honored on Mosholu Parkway at 12 noon, one of whom will be Bobby.

    Everyone is invited. Bobby's street sign will be unveiled which is part of the Bronx Walk of Fame and he will join his place with other famous Bronxites, (i.e. Red Buttons, Garry Marshall, Regis Philbin, Rita Moreno, Diahann Carroll, Hal Linden and many others.)

    The festivities start Friday night at 6:30 PM. Since Dodd will be unable to attend on short notice, Gary Walden will join in the celebration. Harriet has also been asked to attend the Saturday morning breakfast at 9:00 AM....Thanks Harriet, Tracy and Doris !

    The following comes from George and Liss (Thank you!)......Kevin Spacey is going to be on Sunday Morning Shootout on AMC on July 11 at 11am EST. This is a Hollywood film insider type talk show. The program was taped a few days ago and it is not sure what he's going to be talking about but hopefully he will talk about "Beyond The Sea" since they probably aren't going to be interested in his theatre career and Beyond The Sea is his next big project.

    June 20, 2004: Bobby Darin On TV

    TV Land will be airing a Flip Wilson Marathon July 3rd and 4th. Episode 2 with Bobby, Roy Clark and Denise Nicholas airs early, so be sure to set your alarm clock!

    May 23, 2004: Bobby Darin on DVD, Bobby's delayed CD, Pictures of Bobby and Revised Edition of "Borrowed Time"

    Several pictures of Bobby are seen at Click on Birthdays, then May and find Bobby! (Thanks to Jason for this information)
    Finally! "If a Man Answers" and "That Funny Feeling" are being released on DVD August 3, 2004. You can pre-order now.
    The release date for the much anticipated Direction material on CD has been pushed back to early fall. (Thanks to Jimmy for this information)
    Al DiOrio's book "Bobby Darin: The Incredible Story of an Amazing Life" (Revised Edition of "Borrowed Time" with a few new pictures) is available now.

    Be sure to check out Bobby's current TV schedule at TV- Now !

    The Godmother says:
    " Come back soon...OR ELSE!"
    " Thanks for reading,bambinos and keep checking back for more updates.
    If there is anything you feel needs to be posted here, please e-mail me! See you on the web, you cutesy!"

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