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"I heard the news today, oh boy..." (Audio)

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Update 12/15/06: Ahmet Ertegun 1923-2006 ...

Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records and good friend of Bobby's,
passed away December 14th. Robert Hilburn wrote a special piece for the
LA Times and mentioned Bobby. Here is the article.
Also, look here and here for more information about Mr. Ertegun and Bobby.
Our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of
Ahmet Ertegun, the music GIANT!

Update 11/14/06: "The Joey Reynolds Show" and State Fair...

Joel Dorn & Jimmy Scalia are scheduled to be on The Joey Reynolds Show!! Thursday, Nov. 16th, at 2 AM EST on WOR Radio 710 HD (New York). Fans can listen by clicking on this link.

Fox Home Entertainment has assembled six Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals in a 12-DVD box set ... THE RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN COLLECTION. Included is the 1962 release of State Fair starring BOBBY DARIN, Pat Boone, Ann-Margret and Pamela Tiffin. Pre-order yours today at

Update 11/3/06: Bobby on the Radio...

Joel Dorn & Jimmy Scalia are scheduled to be on Lise Avery's fabulous radio program ANYTHING GOES!! Monday, Nov. 13th, at 10 AM EST on WFDU FM (New York).
Fans can listen by clicking on this link.

Thanks to the BD Star committee, there is another radio station helping in the efforts to get Bobby his star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Steve Peterson, program manager, is a Darin fan! We are sure he would like to know you are
listening. Check out his website here: oldies1460

Celebrity Friends & Darin Fans ...

Ron Lan'Gel is the star & producer of this wonderful musical tribute to Bobby
called "Look Out! Ol' Bobby's Back!"

Danny McVey, Aussie singer/songwriter, has recently released an album of original tunes. The final song on the CD is a heart-warming tribute to Bobby!

Update 10/17/06: "The Bobby Show" on KYA...

Grammy Award winning DJ Chris Edwards hosted a program on October 14, 2006. The show featured promos for the Bobby Darin Las Vegas Walk of Fame Star Fund and the Darinfest’07 along with an evening of Bobby’s songs. Numerous fans called in with song requests. And best of all Chris gave airtime to Jimmy Scalia, Wes & Vicki Shonerd and Darlene Federowicz to help promote the events. Thanks goes to BDStar Fund Committee Chairman, Jamie Ney, for setting this up.

Update 10/4/06: Hesh...

We're sorry to announce that Bobby's long-time friend and publicist, Harriet "Hesh" Wasser passed away yesterday. Currently we are working on a very special Memorial Page for her. As soon as it is up, we will let everyone know. We're all deeply saddened by this news and extend our sincere condolences to her family.

Jimmy Scalia wrote this:

To me Harriet Wasser was more than a friend and a teacher, to me she was the true meaning of a unsung hero. What she did for the music community and music in general is just amazing. Her involvement in so many songs from so many artists in so many different types of music have in one way or another effected each and everyone of us. It always seemed to me that "Hesh" was the Zelig of music. If not for you there may not be a Darin site as we know it....for you got the ball rollin'. Not only did we all loose a member of this Darin family but today Bobby lost a very important person that would breath life into his name for the past 34 years. As a matter of fact I wrote a friend who writes for INTUNE MAGAZINE by the name of Robert Rice and told him about Hesh and his response was, "
Harriet was an important element to the career of Bobby Darin, and perhaps even more so since his passing.  We should all have been blessed with such devoted friends."
Harriet I will forever miss our Tuesday Night phone calls and forever miss your letters to me with Bobby Darin clipping's enclosed...........I will forever miss you telling me to tune in for a late night radio show that you will be on and I will forever miss saying to you at the end of our phone conversations," HESH, You're My Angel. Right?" and you answering, "yes" and I'd say, " I hear you smiling!"
Angel do me a favor, leave a little lite in the window for the meantime, I'll carry the torch for now and continue to spread the words & music.
I Love You!

Update 9/24/06: Bobby...

The new DVD Seeing Is Believing is scheduled for release 11/7/06. Joel Dorn and Jimmy Scalia have put their heads together once again so get ready to BELIEVE, Darin brothers & sisters! Don't wait another second; get that order in ASAP.  The track listing and artwork will be coming your way soon so check back for that exciting news ... later!

In the premiere episode of Shark on CBS last Thursday, Bobby's "Mack the Knife" was heard in the opening scene.

BD is absolutely everywhere these days! The Darin Estate announced the UK commercial that uses Bobby's tune, "Don't Rain on My Parade," did so well that it's also going to be run in Egypt!

Update 9/17/06: Darinfest - Las Vegas...

Join Bobby's fans & friends for a BD celebration in beautiful Las Vegas!
This "Darin Lifetime Event" will be held May 11-14, 2007.
Everything you need to plan your trip can be found
on the Darin Lifetime Events07 Website.
(Vicki and Wes Shonerd, Chair of the Planning Committee)

Look HERE for all the info ... See you in Vegas!

Update 6/22/06: Commercial with Bobby...

Bobby is featured in a Major League Baseball commercial advertising the July 11th
All Star Baseball Game! It has been spotted on ESPN & the Fox Sport channel. 
The longer version (there's a shorter one, too)  features A LOT of Bobby's tune, "I'm Sitting on Top of the World!"  Very COOL!  Bobby is not singing softly in the background on this one.  And, a bonus ... You can clearly hear it when he says,
"Go get 'em Billy!"

Update 5/1/06: Celebrating the month of May with Bobby...

Hold onto your party hats Darin fans! May 14, 2006, marks the 70th birthday for Bobby. Check out this SPECIAL section for lots of birthday surprises! 
Also, don't miss the weeklong XM Radio broadcast in honor of BD.
Check HERE for details.

Update 4/16/06: Special Songs from Bobby's NBC's Shows ... 

Joel Dorn and Jimmy Scalia are very busy these days!  Along with other projects, they are currently putting together another Darin DVD. This one featuring songs from Bobby's NBC shows!  Just yesterday they assembled them into the system hot off the master tapes. They will be going back in the next two weeks to start editing and putting it together. This collaboration brought us the very popular ACES BACK TO BACK CD/DVD, so we look forward to their latest endeavor with great anticipation! Also "Weeping Willow"and "Manhattan in My Heart" will also have videos for them.
Be sure to check back for more details!

Update 4/2/06: "Mack the Knife" Broadway Bound!

The Roundabout Theatre Company, in its 40th anniversary season, is currently performing a musical revival of The Threepenny Opera !
The stage show is based on Elizabeth Hauptmann's German translation of John Gay's 18th-century The Beggar's Opera. Stars include Tony Award winner Alan Cumming (as Macheath) and Cyndi Lauper (making her Broadway debut as Jenny).
It is a limited engagement.
Performances are at Studio 54 - 254 West 54th St., Manhattan, NY.
Previews from March 24, 2006. Opening night is set for April 20th, 2006 and will run through June 17th, 2006.
For details and tickets, see or the Roundabout Theatre Company

Update 3/12/06: Exciting Darin News ... 

Steve Blauner, Joel Dorn and Jimmy Scalia are collaborating with great care and attention on expanded versions of popular and new releases.  They include the following: "Weeping Willow" which was slated for an earlier release, is now being worked on to also include fabulous video footage. Relentless and unwavering  efforts are being made to get Mack is Back back in print!  This will include new additional features that are both powerful and electrifying! "Manhattan in My Heart" and "Sonny Boy" (from the Milk Shows) projects are also currently being worked on.
Be sure to check back for more details!

Update 2/5/06: Bobby is back in Vegas ... 

Check out "Vegas Lori's" latest Programs for Older Students that she & her assistant developed for the Senior Lifelong Learning Fair at the UNLV. She had the opportunity to not only meet with Bob Rozario, but he also agreed to speak at several of their upcoming programs about his experiences working as musical conductor for Bobby Darin. Lori stated "It was great to see the faces on the people as Bob told them about his experiences!"
Thanks to Lori Slinn for this information!

Be sure to check out Bobby's current TV schedule at TV- Now !

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