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"I heard the news today, oh boy..." (Audio)

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Update 12/23/07:

We are very sad to announce the passing of producer Joel Dorn on December 17th.
He was not only a creative and dynamic producer, but his deep voice made him a terrific storyteller as well.
Jimmy Scalia said, "He came full circle with Bobby."
He was a person whose contributions and talents will truly be missed.

Here are a couple of links you should check out:

Joey Reynolds Show interview.
Jazz Review interview for Aces Back to Back.

An article about his life is here.

Darin fan Glenn Miller's latest project is a tanfastic video collaboration called "Around The World." This popular dance video has been playing in clubs around England and here's your chance to see Bobby making some moves of his own!
Check him out here.
Thanks to Millerbrosmusic and Glenn for this information.

Update 10/14/07:

Bobby Darin has a FLAIR for great music!
Catch him singing "That Funny Feeling" here on the new Revlon "Flair" commercial.
Thanks to Joy Cash and Sue Schooley for the information and link.

Bobby's TANFASTIC drummer...
Tommy "Neatly tucked" Amato has his own website.
Check it out
Thanks to Vicki Shonerd & Susan Schooley.

ROSICA PR NEWSPR News: Hit Parade Hall of Fame Counts on Fans.
The article is here.
Thanks,Susan Schooley, for this information.

David Kenny of EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN will be playing MORE of Bobby.
Fall Programming promises features on Ethel Merman, Nancy LaMott, Frank Sinatra,
BOBBY DARIN & Fall Fundraising B'casts & More!
David can be heard every Sunday 9-11 PM (ET) over WBAI 99.5 FM and on
the Internet at:www.wbai.orgPlease tune in and tell your friends.
Thanks again David.

Update 8/4/07: Bobby Celebrated ...

On August 4, 2007, Chris Edwards, the DJ for will be doing a BD feature on his live broadcast.  He will broadcast this program from the studio at his home and will have over 200 guests. The show starts at 6:00 pm and is streamed over the internet at : He is hoping BD fans will call the request line at 1-800-221-9296.
Thanks to Vicki Shonerd for this information.

The Demon Edsel label will be releasing Dr Dolittle and Born Walden Robert Cassotto on August 21st. This is the first release of the WRC album as a whole on CD and the first release of "The Proper Gander," "Bullfrog" and "Sunday" on CD anywhere!
Their next planned release will be Committment and Rarin' Darin sometime in September.
Thanks to Shane Brown for this information

USO Productions Features Bobby's Greatest Hits
...Coming NEXT YEAR, March 7, 2008,  at the Epsom Playhouse in Surrey, England, USO Productions will be featuring Tony Benedict along with the Nelson Riddle Tribute Orchestra. 30 of Bobby’s greatest hits will be covered starting with “Splish Splash” right through the whole songbook. For information on program content For further information about the show check their
Thanks to Greg Francis, Musical Director/Producer, USO Productions for this information.

Update 6/24/07: Bobby Celebrated ...

May 11 - 14th, 2007 Las Vegas, Nevada

Four fun and action packed days brought fans, family, friends and celebrities together. The long weekend event ended Monday with Bobby being inducted into the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Thanks to devoted fans The Legendary Entertainer's Star can be viewed outside the Flamingo Hotel.

The Darin Lifetime Event 2007

Update 5/20/07: Bobby and Cars ... The Event ...

Last year Bobby's song, "Don't Rain on My Parade" was featured in a UK Terrestrial television commercial advertising Vauxhall cars to much acclaim and success.
Our Bobby is at it again! The new Citroen car ad in the UK features Bobby Darin singing "Beyond the Sea". It can be seen here.

Thanks to Syra Vahidy for the link.

CONGRATULATION to planners of the Darin Lifetime Event '07 and Star Ceremony.The weekend celebration was a HUGE success and we want to thank all involved.  We are working on pictures as we receive them.

Update 5/6/07: Coming Soon ...

Darin Lifetime Event
The Las Vegas Walk of Fame Star
Las Vegas May 11 – 14, 2007

Special Bobby Birthday Event
Join Darin fan Jose, at his swing dance club, MEMORIES, for a special Bobby birthday celebration on Monday, May 14th.
He will feature some of Bobby's music, videos, & films. He promises lots of fun & surprises! 
All ages welcome ~ $3 cover charge ~ Time: 8pm-12:30am
Check out for more info.
MEMORIES is located at:
12901 Philadelphia Street
Whittier, CA 90601

Update 4/15/07: Bobby and Disney ...

In the movie trailer for the animated Disney movie Ratatouille,
Bobby is heard singing "Once In a Lifetime"...
check it out here

Thanks to Joy Cash for the information.

Update 4/1/07: Bobby on the radio ...

Early Announcement ... Mark your Cassotto Calendars!
News from Vicki Shonerd, Darin Lifetime Event committee leader:
KYA Radio & the Legends of Rock N Roll Show will be saluting Bobby and playing a lot of his songs on their nationwide show. Broadcast will be Saturday, May 5 from 6 pm-12 midnight (PDT). ALSO ... on May 12, KYA will broadcast LIVE from the
Darin Lifetime Event in Las Vegas.
This show will be heard on 156 stations and on the internet!!!
Chris Edwards White
President/CEO -- KYA Radio

"Splish Splash I was takin' a bath  . . ."

Bobby's song "Splish Splash" will be the theme for the Bronx High School of Science Parent's Association annual June auction. All the profits collected from sales of the donated items and tickets will go directly to the school. Our thanks to Ellen Roseman, PTA member, for this information.

Petula Clark DUETS with Bobby ... 

 Petula Clark has a NEW CD called DUETS, available at Amazon. It features "All I Have to Do Is Dream" a duet she performs with Bobby on his 1973 NBC Bobby Darin Show. This duet is also available on the Aces Back to Back DVD, at Amazon.
Thanks to Michael Balzer for this information.

Update 3/18/07: Bobby in the news ...

Bobby appears in the Arcadia Publishing's book, The Copacabana.
Check out this page for more information!

News from Vicki Shonerd, Darin Lifetime Event committee leader:
Barnes and Noble, Borders Books and Music, Sam Goody's Musicland as well as several music academies/schools want to post information about Darin Lifetime Event 07 and The LV Walk of Stars in their businesses---on message and bulletin boards. One of the Borders Books and Music stores has agreed to do a major display with pictures, brochures and they will add BD CD's and books to the display.

This is ALL so good for Bobby!!

Update 3/13/07: The Hit Parade Hall of Fame ...

An invitation for all Bobby Darin fans to vote for him at
Click this link to vote!

Update 3/6/07: Some very sad news ...

Lucille Masterantonio, Bobby's good friend, passed away recently. She was the youngest of the three Masterantonio sisters who were very much a part of Bobby's career, never missing one of his performances. Our deepest sympathies and condolences to her mother and her sisters, Rose and Antoinette.

Dodd mentioned the Masterantonio family in his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
acceptance speech given for his Dad on Jan. 17, 1990.

Update 2/11/07: Early Bobby Announcement ...

Bobby was the BEST! Sandy Singer will be doing a 3-hour Walk Of Fame special on May 12th, from 3-6PM (Central) -- WOAM streams on the Internet.

Check out The Bobby Darin story on UltimateOldies --
it's in the FREE ARCHIVES section.

Thanks to Sandy Singer for this information! We will keep you posted.

Update 1/27/07: Bobby ...

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN, which can be heard over WBAI 99.5 FM
and on the Internet at: will present an EXTENDED ON-AIR FUNDRAISING BROADCAST:  A Tribute To JOHNNY MERCER
This Sunday, January 28th, 2007
8:00 PM-11:00 PM  (ET)

Featured Interviews include: Mercer Biographer-GENE LEES and several others ...

Email your favorite Mercer lyric to
and they will share it with the listening audience.  (Please include your name, city, state, or country and why it's your favorite lyric) David Kenny, host of Everything Old Is New Again, tells us we most certainly will hear some cuts from Two of a Kind.  Thank you so much David for this information and including Bobby in your program!

We would like to remind everyone to check out and support
Bobby's Stamp Campaign, Lifetime Achievement Grammy and Star Fund pages!

Be sure to check out Bobby's current TV schedule at TV- Now !

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