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Update 12/28/2010: BOBBY FEATURED IN

On January 1, 2011 at 8:00am PST the 122nd Annual Tournament of Roses Parade
will take place. Since 1890, eye-catching, amazing floats made from petals, seeds and roots
along with award-winning marching bands and equestrian units have marched down
Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California.

This year Bobby Darin's "Talk To the Animals" has been chosen to be played on a
very special float along the parade route.

The complete article is here:
"Riding High - First-time Float Entry Makes Wish Come True For Teen with Leukemia."

To watch the parade on TV, please check your local listings for broadcast
information and air times.

Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.

Also . . .


This new December release from publisher LIFE Books,
features Bobby Darin!

It is available in both hardcover and soft cover in bookstores and markets.
We also want to mention Amazon offers the hardcover version.

Update 12/22/2010: BOBBY GOES VINYL . . .

"Mastered from the Original Analog Mono Session Tape by Kevin Gray at AcousTech- One
of the Greatest Male Vocal LP’s of the century, Bobby Darin ~ THAT'S ALL.
The new Boxstar LP unlocks hidden treasures only suggested on the original pressing ..."

Go here for the complete article.

Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.

Update 11/2/2010: ANOTHER AWARD FOR BOBBY DARIN! . . .

On October 24, 2010 Entertainment Consumers Exchange, Inc., a non-profit association
fans and their favorites in entertainment, honored Bobby Darin with the
2010 Fans' Entertainment Hall of Fame Excellence in Entertainment award.

Bobby's "Whatta band!" members Tommy Amato and Billy McCubbin were present
to accept the award on Bobby's behalf.

On what was a magical afternoon, the award was presented during a musical tribute to
Bob Rozario celebrating his 50 years in the music business.
(For information, for Rozie's tribute, scroll down to the 9/24/10 update on this page.)

Update 10/29/2010: BOBBY GETS A NEW STAR!! . . .

On October 26, 2010, the LAS VEGAS WALK OF STARS
replaced Bobby Darin's star in front of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

The original star had sustained damage and was replaced by a new design, with brass
lettering, which is designed to stand up to the high volume of traffic along the
Las Vegas Strip.

Thanks to Jamie Ney for this information.

Update 9/24/2010: MUSICAL TRIBUTE TO

On October 24, 2010 a tribute concert, for Bob Rozario, will be held on the
University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus.

Tony Orlando and Dennis Bono, will sing their hits.
Lena Prima will sing the music of her father, Louis Prima, and
Art Vargas will sing the music of Bobby Darin.
There will also be a short congratulatory message from legendary entertainer Vic Damone.
Many friends and other artists will be there to celebrate the day.

Tickets are $20.00.
For more information and ticket purchase, please call 1 (702) 895-ARTS (2797).
All proceeds will benefit the UNLV College of Fine Arts Alumni Chapter to Bob Rozario.

Thanks to Lori Slinn and Kanna Jones for this information.

Update 7/26/2010: BOBBY DARIN SCHOLARSHIP . . .

In May, 2010, Bobby's alma mater, The Bronx High School of Science,
awarded a $500.00 Bobby Darin Scholarship in Music to:


The award is given to the most Outstanding Senior in Music.
Lucie plays the clarinet and plans to continue with her music in college,
probably also including the guitar.


Anyone who wishes to donate please make your check payable to:
"Alumni Assn. Bronx HS of Science"
On the bottom of your check write:
"Restricted for the Bobby Darin Scholarship"

The address is:
Alumni Association Bronx High School of Science
Jerome Avenue Station
PO Box 145
Bronx, NY 10468-0145

Thanks to Edwina Halsey for this information.

Update 7/1/2010: BOBBY, BEYOND THE SEA,

One of the featured CDs at Whirlin' Disc Records is That's Amore: Italian-American Favorites.
This is a 3-CD set that includes Bobby's "Beyond the Sea" and features him
prominently centered on the cover!

Check out Whirlin' Disc Records and Amazon for the information.

Also . . .

Turner Classic Movies will show Captain Newman, M.D. on July, 19 at 10 p.m.
as part of it’s Gregory Peck "Star of the Month" programming.
Bobby was nominated for an Oscar for this performance.
It's an essential viewing for any Bobby fan!

How about emailing them here and suggest a "Bobby Darin Night" for his 75th birthday?

Thanks to Maura Pape and Molly for this information.

Update 5/17/2010: DARIN LIFETIME EVENTS 2010

First and Always - Darin Fans are the most generous and loving people EVER!!

Fine print - All money raised from the Darin Lifetime Events 2010 raffle are
donated directly to the Children's Heart Foundation of Nevada.

Details - 193 Tickets were bought by 32 Darin Fans from 17 states and 3 countries
(United States, Canada, England) for a (drum roll now) grand total of:


And the lucky winners are:

Nehru Jacket: Jane S. (PA) Ticket #25
Bobby's Tie: Lisa N. (FL) Ticket #192
Sheet Music: Jacky D. (Canada) Ticket #110

Congratulations to Jane, Lisa and Jacky!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated.
Joy Cash

Thanks to Joy Cash for this information.

Update 5/14/2010: IT'S A SPECIAL DAY . . .


Today would've been Bobby's 74th birthday.
We celebrate his incredible life and cherish the amazing legacy he left behind.

We love you Bobby!!!


David Evanier's book "Roman Candle: The Life of Bobby Darin!" is now available
in paperback for purchase by pre-order through Amazon.
Excelsior Editions, a branch of SUNY Press, has given a pub date of August 10, 2010.

Thanks to David Evanier for this exciting news!

Update 4/26/2010: THE BOBBY DARIN SCHOLARSHIP . . .

This year the Bronx High School of Science will be honoring their
"Outstanding Student in Music"
with $500 from the Bobby Darin Scholarship Fund.

To donate make your check payable to:
"Alumni Assn. Bronx HS of Science."

On the bottom of your check write:
"Restricted for the Bobby Darin Scholarship."

Send your donations to:
Alumni Association Bronx High School of Science
Jerome Avenue Station
PO Box 145
Bronx, NY 10468-0145

Thanks to Edwina Halsey for this information.

Update 4/13/2010: BOBBY DARIN CHARITY RAFFLE . . .

A charity raffle to benefit the CHILDREN'S HEART FOUNDATION, OF NEVADA
will be held May 14, 2010.

1st prize: Black wool Nehru jacket personally owned and worn by Bobby Darin - circa 1968.
2nd prize: Brown geometric patterned tie - circa 1960.
3rd prize: 14-page "Mack the Knife" sheet music - circa 1972.

One ticket $10.00 or three tickets for $25.00.

TICKET SALES BEGIN April 12, 2010 and your envelope
should be POSTMARKED BY May 10, 2010.

To purchase tickets, please make your check/money order payable to
Include your name, address, telephone number, email address and, though not
necessary, a stamped self addressed envelope. Your raffle tickets will be promptly mailed to you.

Please mail your ticket requests to:
Joy Dyer Cash
PO Box 1108
Anna, Texas 75409

100% of your tax-deductible donations will be donated to the
Children's Heart Fund of Nevada (

For further information and any questions, please contact Joy at:

Please help support this extraordinary organization in their effort to enrich these children's lives!

Thanks to Joy Cash for this information.


John Frost, Managing Director of The Gordon Frost Organisation and one of Australia's
most successful theatrical producers, has plans for a production of DREAM LOVER,
a musical that chronicles the life of Bobby Darin.

DREAM LOVER is written by John-Michael Howson and Frank Howson.

Mr. Frost, in association with John and Barbara Gilbert of Gilbert Theatrical, intends to
undertake a World Premier in Australia with possible international productions.

The article is here.

Thanks to Jamie Ney and George Carpinone for this information.

Update 3/15/2010: NEW DARIN CD Releases . . .

A new release of Bobby’s album That’s All is set for March 22, 2010.

This groundbreaking album catapulted Bobby’s career and, ultimately helped him secure the
2010 GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award. The album featured, among other hits,
"Mack the Knife" and "Beyond the Sea" and garnered Bobby the
1959 GRAMMY Award for Record of the Year.
(The same year Bobby was named Best New Artist.)
This latest release, under the Hallmark label, features a new cover with a terrific photo.

Check it out at Amazon.

Thanks to Brad Patton for this information.

Also ...

Now available is Bobby Darin - Original Album Series, a 5cd box set,
released through Warner Brothers, UK.
Included are:
Bobby Darin, Bobby Darin Sings Ray Charles, That’s All,
Things & Other Things, and This Is Darin.

This release is available at Amazon.

Thanks to Laura Rice for this information.

Please check out the Website's Bobby Darin CDs page for these
and other incredible Darin Discs!

Update 2/22/10: NOMINATE BOBBY FOR A

To continue celebrating Bobby being rewarded the GRAMMY'S
2010 Lifetime Achievement Award and to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of
Bobby's "Mack the Knife," we are launching a letter-writing campaign
to nominate him for his own postage stamp!

Click here for information and details.

Be a part of the movement to get Bobby Darin signed, sealed and delivered!

Thank you for participating!!


On Saturday, February 13, 2010, between 7pm-1am EST,
DJ Miles Hampton of Radio Margaritaville will be chatting about
Bobby's Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award!

Listen Online

Also, you can contact Mr. Hampton here:

Let him know how great you think Bobby is and how proud you are
that he finally got the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award!

Bobby's versatility is unmatched.
If you'd like, make suggestions of any BD cool, laid back, relaxing music here.

Many thanks to Jimmy Scalia for this information.

Update 1/31/10: THANK YOU, DODD!! . . .

Dodd Darin's Acceptance Speech
Thanks to Laura Rice, Susan Schooley and Jimmy Scalia for this link.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt and very grateful thank you to Dodd for expressing his
overwhelming joy for his dad’s honor so eloquently.

Dodd, your boundless pride for your pop was evident and you know he'd be proud of you, too...
and your beautiful "backup singers," Alexa and Olivia.
Great Job!


Update 1/30/10: WHATTA DAY!! . . .

Bobby Darin posthumously received the Lifetime Achievement Grammy on this day!!!!!

His son Dodd, flanked by his two lovely daughters, gave a truly heartfelt thank you
to the Academy. At times fighting tears, he described his father as a human being as well as an accomplished artist and great talent, a recognition so richly deserved
and very honored to have received.

Dodd's acknowledgments included his mom, Sandra Dee, and Steve Blauner for his
continuing role in maintaining Bobby's legacy and for being a presence in his own life as well.

We thank all of you for your continued support of Bobby Darin and look
forward to so many more Darin-ventures in the future!!

Update 1/27/10: THREE NIGHTS OF GRAMMY . . .

The GRAMMY website will be streamed live on January 29th, 30th & 31st.
Log on and view all the festivities!

We are all hoping to see Dodd accept the Lifetime Achievement Grammy for his "Pop"
during the Saturday night ceremony.


Thanks to Vicki Shonerd and Jamie Ney for this information.


We are thrilled and proud to announce Bobby is being honored
with a 2010 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award!!

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Academy is recognizing Bobby as a
performer who, during his lifetime, “made creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance
to the field of recording.”

Many thanks to all who have contacted the Academy, over this long period of time,
in an effort to get Bobby this award!

The 52nd annual Grammy Awards will air live on CBS from the Staples Center in
Los Angeles on January 31, 2010.

Thanks to Steve Blauner and Jimmy Scalia for this information.

Be sure to check out Bobby's current TV schedule at TV- Now!

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