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"I heard the news today, oh boy..." (Audio)

Update 12/20/2012: DECEMBER 20, 1973 . . .

Loved and Missed and Never Forgotten

Fan Tributes . . .

"December 20, 2006"
"After Today"

Update 12/8/2012: Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas,
Happy Holidays Everyone!

Here are a couple of links on Bobby's site:

The 25th Day of Christmas with Bobby Darin

"Happy Christmas, Bobby"

This fun holiday page includes audio of Bobby's Christmas Seal and National Guard
Christmas Promotions. These recordings were made so many years ago and
yet the efforts of the American Lung Association and
The National Guard remain just as vital today.

For all our Darinfans and everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy,
you are always in our thoughts and prayers.
We wish for you, especially at this time of year, the very best . . .
To great, new beginnings!!

Bobby Darin's Webteam

Update 11/5/2012: HURRICANE SANDY . . .

This horrific storm has left behind a path of astronomical destruction and devastation.
Millions of people along the East Coast are suffering right now.

Our hearts go out to all those impacted by this abominable event.
We pray that those who need assistance and shelter can get these quickly and
that power is restored once again in reasonable time.

The landscape of the East Coast may have changed, but not the
heart and fervor of it's people.

Bobby Darin's Webteam

Update 10/25/2012: BOBBY DARIN'S ALIVE IN VEGAS! . . .

Tropicana Hotel's "Mob Attraction" Las Vegas is an interactive attraction
that takes you through the history of Vegas, the mob connections, their
demise and the Las Vegas as we know it today.
Actors, real and holograms, films props, memorabilia
are used for this experience.
Bobby's music, including "Mack the Knife," "Beyond the Sea" and
"Lazy River," is featured in the background during one section of the exhibit.

Also . . .

Bobby's music can be heard in the background of the
Bellagio Hotel and Casino.
His "Charade" was heard throughout the hotel and casino during a recent visit.

If you're visiting Vegas, pay a visit to these places.


"This Could Be the Start of Something Big"

The America's Pop Music Hall of Fame is located in Cannonsberg, Pennsylvania.
Bobby Darin has been recognized as one of 40 candidates for their first-ever induction!

Voting to decide the first 20 inductees will open to the public on September 20
on the organization's website.

Voting starts midnight tonight! So sharpen your fingers and get out that ballot for Bobby!!

The final list of 2013 inductees will be announced in May.
Projected opening for the Pop Hall will be Fourth of July weekend 2013,
along with it's first induction ceremony.

Thanks to Steve Blauner, Jimmy Scalia and Jamie Ney for this information.

Update 9/1/2012: BOBBY AND COUNTRY FUNK . . .

A brand new CD compilation, Country Funk 1969-1975 features
Bobby's Light Blue." You can give a listen to the sample here.
This song, which Bobby wrote and performed, is on his Commitment LP.

To see photos of the cover, tracks, liner notes and thanks click here.

"Only Bobby could be on an album like this." ~ Steve Blauner.

Thanks to Jimmy Scalia for this information.


Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden, will present an exhibit celebrating
and chronicling the vast musical history of Staten Island. The exhibition, called
"Island Sounds: 500 Year Music Mash Up," honors musical interpretation from
Native Americans to the present day.

Bobby will be featured in the musical scene of South Beach in the 1950's.
He had great ties to Staten Island and spent many summers there.

To date, memorabilia included are Bobby's signature bow tie, photos, an acetate of
"Where Is the One," and the original
That's All LP, given to Hesh Wasser by Bobby and signed,
"To Hesh A little Darin, a little Wess & a little Wasser make this album what it is -
Love always, Bobby"

Vincent Innocente, Assistant Curator tells us, "The exhibit will be in our main exhibition
galleries and will open with a reception on May 11, 2012, running for over a year and
coinciding with our historic Music Hall's 120th Anniversary."

We hope you will attend this extraordinary exhibition.
For further details, please go to their website.

Many thanks to, Vincent Innocente for all his help during this process,
Dodd Darin and Steve Blauner,
Jimmy Scalia, Patricia Zimmer, Jimmy Scalia, Jr., and Su Cote.


We are extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Dick Clark.
Our sincerest condolences go out to Kari and the rest of Dick's family. He suffered a
massive heart attack, today, while in a Santa Monica hospital.

Bobby and Dick were life-long, close friends. He remained a
good friend to Bobby's son Dodd.

Among many accomplishments in entertainment, he hosted radio and tv programs.
He hosted television's popular "American Bandstand" from 1957 until 1989.
In 1973 he created the American Music Awards.
Once labeled "America's Oldest Teenager," Dick Clark was inducted into
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, three years after Bobby.

Here's a funny story, from Dick, about how Bobby didn't listen to him
regarding a particular record ...

Bobby called Dick saying, "'I want you to hear my latest record, I really love it ...'
and he was very excited and played it over the phone and I said, 'What are you
crazy??? You're going to loose all of your R&R feel and what are you
trying to be a nightclub singer with ... "Mack the Knife??? Get real with yourself!!'
Well, fortunately he didn't pay any attention at all to me and released
the record which, by the way, became his only ... number ... one ... record."

Please check out these links.

Dodd Remembers Dick Clark
Dick Clark Remembers Bobby
Dick Clark Quotes About Bobby

Update 3/5/2012: BOBBY'S A BABY BOOMER FAVORITE . . .

Shokus Internet Radio broadcasts "Baby Boomer Favorites with Jeanie Kasun."
Between March 5-18, 2012 Jeanie presents a fun, two-part program
spotlighting artists named Bobby.

For further information, please go here.

Thanks to Mandy Turner for this information.

Update 1/29/2012: BOBBY NEEDS OUR HELP . . .

The Music Choice channels on Cable TV play Bobby on two channels,
"Oldies" and "Swing."
But . . .
they seem to be playing other artists 3 to 1 to Darin!!
Help Bobby by contacting them and requesting MORE Darin!!

The contact information is . . .

Music Choice
110 Gibralter Rd., Ste. 200
Horsham, PA 19044
PA Tel. 215-784-5840
Fax 215-784-5870


Thanks to Steve and Jimmy for this information.

Tribute Event Returns to Salerno Theatre, 1/13-21 . . .

The Salerno Entertainment Group and Salerno Theatre, in association with the Pinellas Park Performing Arts Center and Center Place Brandon, are pleased to announce
the return of the smash hit theatrical tribute concert event . . .


Michael Mathews stars as Bobby Darin, in this multi-media live tribute concert returning
to the Tampa Bay area for the first time since 2007. The tribute features rare video footage
and interviews of Bobby Darin, Sandra Dee and more!

More details are here.
For more information, please visit the Salerno Theatre website
call the box office directly toll free at 1-877-275-7050.

Thanks to George Carpinone for this information.

Update 1/1/2012: RING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH BOBBY . . .

"Merry Christmas everybody and a Happy New Year!"

Turner Classic Movies will be airing two of Bobby's films in January.

That Funny Feeling on January 1, 2012
Pressure Point on January 16, 2012.

Please check the TCM website for specific air times.

Thanks to Molly for this information.

Also . . .

Bobby wrote the theme for That Funny Feeling. Listen to him talking about his idol
Donald O'Connor and read about Donald's affection for Bobby.

Bobby's performance in Pressure Point earned him a Golden Globe Award
for Most Promising Male Newcomer in 1962.

See a list of Bobby's movies here.

AND . . .


Baltimore Net Radio will be re-broadcasting their Bobby Darin Tribute starting
Monday, January 9, 2012.
Please see their website for the scheduling information.

Interviews include our very own Steve Blauner, Jimmy Scalia, Gary Walden, Billy McCubbin,
Bob Rosario and David Evanier, author of Roman Candle.
Their recollections and insights of Bobby are authentic, factual, amusing and tender ...

Thanks to BNR for re-broadcasting this
and to Diane Linden Thomas for this information.

Be sure to check out Bobby's current TV schedule at TV- Now!

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