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"I heard the news today, oh boy..." (Audio)

Update 12/20/2013: BOBBY REMEMBERED . . .

Walden Robert Cassotto
May 14, 1936 - December 20, 1973

We remember Bobby on the 40th anniversary of his passing.

Sweet Reasons.

Update 11/24/2013: NBC SHOWS GOING TO DVD!!! . . .

Bobby's NBC television show The Bobby Darin Show is coming out on DVD!!
This highly anticipated DVD set will be out December 2013!!

This just in .......
Darin Archivist, Jimmy Scalia, called in to Sirius Radio and spoke with DJ legend
"Cousin Brucie" Bruce Morrow. They talked about Bobby and he mentioned
the DVD collection of Bobby's NBC shows, which will be coming out soon!

Cousin Brucie said, "If you've been listening to me you know how much
I adore Bobby Darin, always. Always did."

Listen here to the full conversation ... ending with Bobby's "Queen of the Hop."

We're all looking forward to the release of this collection!!!

A huge thank you to Cousin Brucie for continuing to support Bobby Darin.

Thanks to Jimmy Scalia for this information!

Update: 11/21/13: "Release the Kraken!" . . .

The Kraken Rum Releases 'Black Ink' on Unsuspecting Nation

The Kraken, America's fastest-growing rum brand, and premium spirits
importer Proximo Spirits launches a new television and digital campaign.

It features Kraken destroying a ship in jaw-droppingly photo-realistic high definition.
The action is set to Bobby Darin's classic recording of "Beyond the Sea,"
creating an eerie contrast that lends the spot a big-budget, major motion picture feel.

The spot will run across a number of major leading cable networks,
including ESPN, AMC, FX, Discovery, and Comedy Central.

View the video here.

Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.

Update 11/7/2013: BOBBY'S CHRISTMAS CD IS BACK . . .

The 25th Day of December with Bobby Darin

Real Gone Music has re-issued Bobby's unique Christmas CD.
Thank you, RGM, for calling attention to this much neglected CD.

With songs like "O Come All Ye Faithful," "Jehovah Hallelujah" and "Child of God"
it is being offered, for the very first time, in STEREO.
The CD will also included Bobby's much loved "Christmas Auld Lang Syne" (in mono).

Order it here.

Thanks to Brad Patton for this information.

Update 10/4/2013: BOB "Rosie" ROZARIO DIES . . .

We are sad to report that Bobby's musical director and close friend, Bob Rozario,
passed away on October 2, 2013 after a long battle with cancer.

Audio Clip

We spoke with Billy McCubbin and, as you can imagine, this is an overwhelming loss.
It is Bobby and Kaye's request to have a family service only.

Out of respect to the family, they're asking people not send emails or flowers and
no phone calls. But to please hold warm thoughts in your hearts.

Our sincerest and deepest condolences go out to Bobby's wife, Kaye, and to his entire family.

A tribute, celebrating Rosie's fifty years of music, was held in 2010 at the
University of Nevada's Las Vegas campus. Details and photos here.

"Whatta band!!!"


Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden will be participating in
Smithsonian Magazine's National Museum Day.
Saturday, Sept 28, 2013 from 11am-5pm.
Featured are Free Gallery Admission and Free Outdoor Concert
With Food Drive in Partnership with City Harvest.

Bobby Darin is featured in the unique exhibit
ISLAND SOUNDS: A 500 Year Music Mash-Up.
It is an interactive, multi-media exhibit that commemorates musicians
and artists who were born, lived or worked in Staten Island through the years.
It runs now through December 20, 2013.

Click here for the ISLANDS SOUNDS original opening night.

Please go to the Snug Harbor website for more admission and event details.


"Be Transported to the Magic of Musicís Golden Era as the
CasaBlanca Resort & Casino Presents

Starring ART VARGAS ...
Originally a principal entertainer with Las Vegas production show,
Legends in Concert, Vargasí turn as Bobby Darin earned him
accolades from critics and audiences."

Check out Art's page here.

Showtime: Saturday, September 28 at 7:00 p.m.
in the CasaBlanca Resort & Casino Showroom.
Go here for more details.

Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.

ALSO . . .


Bobby Darin is "Starting Here, Starting Now."

On Sunday, September 1st, 2013 9:00PM-11:00PM EST
will feature BD in their presentation: "Starting Here, Starting Now."

They will highlight Songs of Change & Transitions - Songs for a New Beginning
You can email your BD suggestions to:

Thanks to David Kenney for this information.

Update 8/19/2013: BNR DARIN TRIBUTE RE-BROADCAST . . .

Starting 9/9/13 Baltimore Net Radio will rebroadcast their 2011 BD Tribute
Please see their website for scheduling information.

Interviews include our very own Steve Blauner, Jimmy Scalia, Gary Walden,
Billy McCubbin, Bob Rosario and David Evanier, author of Roman Candle.
Their recollections and insights of Bobby are authentic, factual, amusing and tender.

Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.

Update 8/3/2013: BILLBOARD AND BOBBY . . .

"Mack the Knife"

Billboard has just come out with their latest chart.
"Hot 100 55th Anniversary: The All-Time Top 100 Songs."
Bobby's "Mack the Knife" came in at Number THREE!!!!!!

Listen, here, as Bobby talks about Rock and it's influence.
You can find "Mack the Knife" here.

Also, check out these Billboard articles.
July 28, 2004 -- Rare Darin Audio, Video Comes to Light
Oct 9, 2004 -- Aces Back to Back

"Look out, old Macky is back!"

Update 7/10/2013: SUNDAY IN NEW YORK AT WBAI . . .

On July 7th, Bobby's "Sunday in New York" was featured on
"Every Street's a Boulevard ..." New York in Song.
This program aired during WBAI's "Everything Old Is New Again"
which is produced and hosted by David Kenney.

Playlist is here.
LINK TO LISTEN to the program is here.

David knew our dear Hesh.
In 1995 he interviewed her, Steve Blauner and Nik Venet.
Give a listen and enjoy!

Many thanks to David Kenney for his support of Bobby and for this information.

Update 6/27/2013: NEW MUSICAL REVUE OF BOBBY . . .

The Bellevue Civic Theatre, Bellevue WA presents
"Bobby D and Peggy Lee: Together Again!"

"... The revue recaptures the final broadcast of The Bobby Darin Show, which aired
on NBC with Peggy Lee as the only guest - and features Seattle entertainers
Bob De Dea and Lindsey Larson ..."

De Dea and Larson will be accompanied by a live nine-piece jazz band.

The show runs from July 12-20th.
Please go here for more info and details.

Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.

Update 6/24/2013: CIRCA '21 DINNER PLAYHOUSE

This week Robert Shaw performs this extensive BD Tribute show,
which includes a fully charted orchestra score.

"...'With Bobby Darin, his fans may not be as ubiquitous as Elvis fans, but they are out there
and they are passionate,' Shaw said. 'Once word gets out there about the show, we've
found that they will turn up. People forget how big of a star he was.
He was huge in his time.' "

Performances: Noon Thursday and Friday, June 27-28; 6pm Thursday, June 27.
Please go here for more info and details.

Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.

Update 5/14/2013: LET'S CELEBRATE!! . . .

Get ready to party!! It's Bobby's birthday!!
It's Today!"
May 14, 2013 and he'd be 77.
What will you do to celebrate?

Sing along to your favorite CDs?
Watch your favorite movies?
Read your favorite books?
Cook up BD's favorite recipes?
Play your favorite games?
ALL of the above and MORE!?

Whatever you do, celebrate BIG TIME!!
Happy Birthday, Bobby!!

Update 3/20/2013: BOBBY DARIN, INDUCTEE,

Bobby is among the first to be inducted into the new American Pop Music Hall of Fame.

Canonsburg, PA Mayor David Rhome said the 14 inductees were decided based on
"the breadth, depth and influence of their recordings
with a world-wide online vote, with the criteria including that they must
have had a hit prior to 1970."

Formal induction ceremony, including banquet, will be held at the
Southpointe Hilton Garden Inn on July 3, 2013.

Thanks to Cathy Merra for this information.


Here are some recent projects that have featured Bobby . . .

ETIHAD AIRLINES (March, 2013) launch of their global brand campaign spotlights
Bobby's "Beautiful Things."

Thanks to Judy McRae for this information.

CARL'S JR (January, 2013) for the restaurant's new Charbroiled Atlantic
Cod Fish Sandwich features Bobby's "Beyond the Sea" in it's ad.

APPLE (November, 2012) for it's two new iPad mini ads highlighting iPhoto and
iBooks apps, "Bobby's Two of a Kind" collaboration with Johnny Mercer is highlighted.

Thanks to Jimmy Scalia and Susan Schooley for this information.

For help on where to find these songs, go to the
"Where Can I Find ...?" that Darin song page.

ALSO . . .

Bobby Rydell Presented with Snapping Fingers Lapel Pin


Bobby's postage stamp campaign is getting a huge boost from friend, Bobby Rydell!!
This is listed on Bobby Rydell's face book page ... and has already gotten
a phenomenal response!
REMEMBER: Letters must be mailed in before December 31, 2013.

Also, Bobby will be performing at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino
in Las Vegas January 11-13, 2013.
Featured will be his Bobby Darin Tribute.

We are so happy he is feeling well and on stage where he belongs. If you're in Vegas during
that time, we urge you to go see his show! You'll be thoroughly entertained and you can
support two very talented, very loyal Bobbys!

Many thanks to Bobby Rydell and Linda Hoffman for this information.

ALSO . . .


On January 12, 2013 Snug Harbor invites you to jazz up your New Year
with a free concert and unique art exhibition.
Please go here for the details.

The concert is being presented in connection with the "Island Sounds: A 500 Year Music
Mash Up," the interactive, multi-media exhibit that commemorates musicians
and artists who were born, lived or worked in Staten Island through the years.
It features our own Bobby Darin!!

From Snug Harbor: "... mounted in April 2012 in the Main Hall (Building C),
the exhibit will run through December 20, 2013.
It will open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5pm.
Admission is $5 for adults, $4 for students and seniors.
Children under 12 are admitted free."
here to see Bobby's section for the exhibit.

Thanks to Vincent Innocente for this information.



On March 24, 2013 "Eighteen Yellow Roses - the Life and Music of Bobby Darin"
will be playing at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, Ireland.

It stars singer and dancer Jimmy O'Byrne with Kathy Nugent, as Connie Francis.
Music by the Eugene McCarty's Big Band.
It is produced by Pat Egan.

For more information please go here.

Thanks to Jimmy O'Byrne for this information.

Be sure to check out Bobby's current TV schedule at TV- Now!

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