Bobby Darin

On Decca

Bobby singing "Rock Island Line" on The Dorsey Brothers Stage Show, 1956.
(Photo courtesy Steve Blauner.)

Bobby Darin's recording career began on the Decca label in 1956. His 45 first release was "Rock Island Line" followed by "Silly Willy," "Hear Them Bells" and "Dealer in Dreams." An EP containing these songs was made. However, Darin's career at Decca was short lived, since none of the records were successful.

Bobby did a guest appearance on the Dorsey Brothers TV Show on March 10, 1956 and sang "Rock Island Line." However, Elvis mania was rampant, and Darin was relatively unnoticed.

Bobby talking about his appearance on the Dorsey Brothers Show. (circa 1959)

(Bobby also talks about that appearance here in 1972.)

The Decca recordings are collector items today and the EP is estimated to be worth over $200.00 with the picture sleeve.

Thanks Bruce for this picture!


Early Bobby Darin

Now on CD the complete DECCA recordings from 1956, plus nine of Bobby's first tracks
for ATCO Records from 1957, including unreleased outtakes.

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