April 18, 2012

I write this with a tremendous sense of sadness as I just learned of the passing of my friend Dick Clark. I can add very little commentary or insight into Dick's career. Quite simply he has been a fixture of American television and popular culture for over 50 years. Very few can match his talents as a producer, on air personality and spotter of young talent. It's simply amazing to think of all the things he has achieved in the entertainment industry.

I can however speak with insight into Dick Clark the man. He was a close and trusted friend to my father from when they first met until my dad's passing in 1973. Even more importantly was his unwavering loyalty and kindness to my dad's legacy and memory since his passing. He never said no to an interview request or of sharing his memories of my dad when I called upon him over the years. In a business in which your friends seem to disappear with your last hit record, Dick Clark proved what a dear friend he really was.

A few months back I ran into Dick and Kari and a few of their friends at a local restaurant. Upon leaving my wife and I went to give him a hug. He whispered something in my ear about my dad and when I looked at him he had a twinkle in his eye. I will always cherish what he said as it was the last time I spoke with him and it confirmed to me how much his friendship with my dad meant to him.

To Kari and all of Dick's family I am so very sorry that this day has come. The world of entertainment has lost a true giant and we have all lost an incredible human being.

RIP my friend and thank you for all you have meant to the Darin family.

Love and blessings, Dodd Mitchell Darin

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