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In a few hours DREAM LOVER - Musical opens here in Sydney. I have seen previews of it and my friends, it is simply ... fantastic!!!

David Campbell and the entire cast led by director Simon Phillips have created something very, very special indeed. Audiences have been laughing, crying and giving heartfelt standing ovations as our family story is told in a powerful, beautiful way. The big band sound is stunning. The arrangements are spot on and the placement of the songs moves the story wonderfully.

Quite honestly I, nor anyone who loved my dad, could ask for anything more from this creative team and the production. Saying thank you to everyone involved in this production would simply be woefully inadequate. This musical does justice to my dad in a way that I have wished for all my adult life.

Dreams do come true and I am so very grateful to be here to see it.

All the best,
Dodd Darin

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