Bobby Darin

GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award

Dodd Darin's Letter

What fantastic news to hear about my father receiving the GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award! To the many of you who for years have supported his getting this honor all I can say is thank you and you have my deep gratitude. I have been very touched over the past few years by what I lovingly refer to as the "Darin people" and all the energy you have put into perpetuating his legacy. BRAVO! This is a moment we should all share in and really appreciate.

I would like to thank all the voting members who are responsible for selecting him. I have always felt that this particular award would be the ultimate in terms of my father's contribution to music being properly recognized. To be honest, because he left us at such a young age I have at times felt that he didn't always get his rightful place in the rarefied air of other music legends that were blessed to have lived longer and hence had a larger body of work.

My father's God given talent, tremendous work ethic and his pure love of entertaining makes him truly deserving of this acknowledgment from his peers. I could not be more proud to be his son and I look forward to accepting the award on his behalf.

All the best!
Dodd and the Darin family

P.S. I love you Dad ... you were simply the best ...

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