December 20, 2020

Bobby Darin born Walden Robert Cassotto
May 14,1936 - December 20, 1973

On this day of my Dad's passing it's a pleasure to be able to share something special with you.

Many of you might only remember my Dad from his original recordings and possibly some old black and white snippets from shows such as "American Bandstand", "The Ed Sullivan Show", or "The Judy Garland Show", etc. As wonderful as it is to have those recordings and his performances on those shows, you only got the true essence of Bobby Darin when you saw him live, raw and unfiltered in his concerts/Vegas shows. What you are about to see was filmed in April,1973. At the time, he had just learned that his NBC TV variety show was not going to be renewed, he hadn't had a hit record in years, and the music industry landscape that he had known so well had changed drastically from just a few years prior. In addition, he had some legal headaches concerning his publishing business. Most ominously, he was in really poor health. He was suffering severe heart arrhythmias, he had numbness in his hands and he was always tired and rundown.

The audience on that day in April,1973 however never knew anything was amiss as he delivered an emotional, high energy and classic Darin performance. Much of his family, many close friends, and various business associates were in the audience that day and everybody, especially the band, knew that they were part of something more than just a concert that day. What I treasure most is the pure joy that's so clear on his face; the love of performing was the thing that he truly lived for. On that day, he stared down father time and didn't need an oxygen tank to breathe; the audience breathed life into him on that stage! Thank God he had the wisdom to film the show. I and other family members, his closest friends and his personal band watch this show often to this very day to feel connected to him.

I hope you enjoy this last filmed performance of his career and that it gives you a brief moment of respite from what has been a sad, chaotic and painful year. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and may 2021 bring better things to us all.
Dodd Darin

p.s. Thank you for your ongoing support of our FB page and your kind comments about my Dad. My family and I appreciate it very much and it motivates us to keep his legacy alive.

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