January 23, 2021

Larry King

This one hurts.

I woke up this morning to the news that Larry King has passed away. To his family and friends I send my deepest condolences and prayer.

Larry was so very gracious to my family and I. He was always publicly supportive of any project or milestone concerning my Mom or Dad and he certainly didn't have to do that.

I will always remember a phone call I received from him on the day of my mother's passing; I appreciated that call very much.

He was a great interviewer/journalist and he bridged the gap between the old school era of 3 basic network stations to the modern world of cable television as we know it.

RIP Larry. Your contributions to broadcasting will never be forgotten.

Dodd Darin

"...Larry Zeiger never did make it on the radio; but here, at last, was Larry King. Within 18 months, he was hired away by a bigger Miami Beach station, WKAT. Soon after, someone had the idea of taking him out of the studio and putting him in the front window of Pumpernik's, a popular restaurant on Miami Beach. All morning, Larry would sit in the window, talking on the air to anyone who happened through the door. His fourth day in the window, who walks through the door but Bobby Darin, whose song, Mack the Knife, was No. 1 in the country. This was Larry's debut as an interviewer. His gift was clear from the beginning. He probed with the simple, straightforward curiosity of the Corner. In the coming weeks, visiting stars discovered King and made regular morning visits to Pumpernik's." ~ Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

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