November 23, 2019

The amazing Masterantonio family have been a beloved and integral part of the Darin family since first meeting Bobby at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas in 1959. They never missed an engagement of Bobby's in Vegas from that initial 1959 meeting right up until Bobby's final show at the Las Vegas Hilton in August of 1973.

In 1977 they organized the dedication of a special plaque honoring Bobby at the Cedars Sinai Hospital Cardiac Unit. It was a beautiful event with many friends and colleagues showing up to remember Bobby. Dick Clark and Tony Orlando were good and trusted friends to Bobby and were always loyal to his memory since his passing. We hope you enjoy this picture from the 1977 event and some quotes about Bobby.

"I just want everyone to know how great he was. You just don't find that much talent in one body. He was remarkable." Dick Clark

"One night after a music awards show Sammy Davis Jr took me aside and said "The only performer I'll never follow on stage was Bobby Darin. He meant it; Bobby was the best." Tony Orlando

All the best!
Dodd Darin

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