August 16, 2019

Today we remember Elvis on the day of his passing. My dad and Elvis had a good relationship. They liked each other personally and respected each other musically. They would go watch each other perform live at various points in their careers. I have many Elvis stories relating to my dad but one in particular I would like to share today.

In 1972-73 I loved Elvis and his music. My grandmother Mary had an Elvis jumpsuit custom made for me and I'd do Elvis tunes around the house. One day my dad came to pick me up from my mom's for a visit. He said to me "I hear you're an Elvis fan; you're a traitor like all the rest!" and he laughed. He said "go put on your jumpsuit and let me see your moves!". Now it was one thing to do my Elvis act for my mom and grandmother but my dad was another story. I just froze and felt really uncomfortable. He said again "show me some moves!". I knew he was joking and that it was all in good fun but I was really embarrassed. My dad soon realized this; he hugged me, didn't say another word about Elvis and soon we were off for our weekend visit.

I was supposed to meet Elvis with my dad at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1973. They each worked the Hilton and they would often cross paths and get together. Sadly, that meeting never happened as my dad's illness prevented him from taking me to see Elvis. Sometime a year or so after my dad died my mom and grandmother took me to the Hilton to see Elvis live. I will never forget the excitement of seeing him walk onto that stage to the theme of "2001 A Space Odyssey." What a memory. The room was electric and quite honestly I've never experienced anything quite like it to this day.

Elvis Aaron Presley was a musical treasure/phenomenon and a kind and generous human being. Elvis forever!!!

All the best!
Dodd Darin

p.s. Because my mom was so painfully shy, she didn't let Elvis know we were in the audience and so I never got to meet him.

p.s.s. My favorite Elvis music is his gospel songs. "How Great Thou Art" and "You Gave Me a Mountain" will always be at the top of my personal playlist.

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