Dodd Darin's Acceptance Speech

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Dodd Darin making his speechDodd
Dodd Darin making his speech at the induction ceremony

Dodd Darin's acceptance speech on behalf of his father for induction to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on January 17, 1990.

I'm very proud to be here to accept this award on behalf of my father. To me, one of the most wonderful things about someone who dedicates their life to music is that long after they're gone, their spirit lives on in their work. Although my father is no longer with us, indeed his spirit lives on in his music. I hope with this induction tonight that his contributions to music will be forever remembered.

I'd like to thank Dick Clark, Wayne Newton and the Masterantonio family for all their kindness to me over the years... they were all my father's good friends during his lifetime, and they've been loyal and true to his memory since he passed away. My thanks also to Billy Gerber, Gary Lemel and the people at Warner Bros... Barry Levinson and Mark Johnson as well... and of course, my buddy Arthur Friedman who told me to take three deep breaths and be calm when I came up here. Thank you, Arthur. They're all working hard to make a motion picture about my father's life, and I'm fortunate to have them involved. Thank you.

Bobby and Dodd in 1966
Bobby & Dodd in 1966

Last, but certainly not least, in fact, in my heart saving the best for last, I'd like to express my love and appreciation to two people who were major assets to my dad's career professionally, but much more importantly, they were loving, caring friends. They've become my friends over the years as well. They've really helped me to accept that my father left me at the age of 12, (passed way). So, I want to express my dear love to them and my thanks ... they're here with me tonight ... David Gershenson and Steve Blauner, I love you. Thank you.

Finally, my thanks to those who voted on this selection. I'm very, very proud and this will be something I'll never forget.

Thank you.

Bobby and Dodd in 1966
Bobby & Dodd Darin, 1966

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