Bobby Darin

GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award

Dodd Darin's Thank You Letter

Accepting the GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of my dad was a beautiful experience. One of the things I struggled with however was who to mention in the actual speech. I was influenced by two things. The first being the Academy being firm about the time of the speech (I more than doubled what they allowed!) and I didn't want to just say a name without some comment about their meaning to my dad or myself. If I have offended anyone by their not being mentioned I am truly sorry. I do hope that in the past I have expressed my feelings to everyone on the list at one time or another. If I have failed to do that than I have really come up short. Thank you for your love of my dad; I'm very touched indeed. ~ Dodd

Polly - Who inspired my dad as a boy.

Nina - She loved my dad deeply under a very difficult circumstance.

Charlie - My grandfather who was always there for my dad. I will always remember his being at my wedding. Beautiful!

Aunt Vee - Thank you for sharing about my dad's warts and all! You are very bright and you remind me of my dad on the phone.

Aunt Vana - Thank you for always remembering my two children. "Vana banana she plays the piana; v legged bow legged Vana;" pillow fights in Vegas circa 1966?

Gary Walden and Family - Thank you for always being loyal to my dad's memory and for understanding my Howard Hughes act! HA!

Dick and Mickey Behrke - The best friendships are the ones forged in youth during the rites of passage. I know you treasure them.

Harriett "Hesh" Wasser - Thank you Hesh for believing in my dad before just about anyone did!

David Gershenson - If I have not expressed my feelings to you over the years I'm sorry. My dad loved you and I know who was with him in his final days in the hospital. Chanting .... thank you for sharing your good times with him with me. Throwing out the first pitch at the 1974 Hollywood All Star Game was a hoot and you made it happen. Honoring his memory with his name in your family just about says it all for me ...

Arthur Friedman and Family - Thank you for your dogged determination to get the movie made. I know it was a labor of love.

Dick Clark - In a business that doesn't value loyalty you have been there to this day. A class act indeed!

Wayne Newton - Again loyalty and class to this day. By the way, thank you for helping my dad get back to work in Vegas all those years ago.

Ahmet Ertegun - Thank you for being part of the comet ride and for always speaking kindly of my dad over the years.

Jamie Ney - Thank you for your driving energy with The DarinLifetime Events. You are incredible!

Vicki Shonerd - Again thank you for all the good energy with the DarinLifetime Events. See you again in Phoenix for dinner!

Jimmy Scalia and Family - On a professional level you have been flawless since coming on board; truly our right hand man. On a personal level, getting to know you and your family has been really a kick!

Linda, Donna, Jane, Pat, Marilyn and MaryAnn "The Bobby Darin Website Team" - Thank you for your incredible selfless work on the site. It really is first rate!

Billy "Mac" McCubbin - I know you loved my dad and he you. You have stepped up big time over the past couple of years for the events; let's keep at it brother!

Edwina Halsey - Thank you for all the BD goodies; the kids and I love them.

The Masterantonio Family - I don't know where to begin. You guys never missed a single engagement of my dad's in Vegas since 1958! Long before tech made things easy, you were hand pasting clippings about my dad! Those giant black scrap books I have them to this day! How about you NEVER forgetting my birthday or my kids! How about the white cookies and nut roll! You guys are family in the real sense of the word. I just wish Mom and Lucille were with you to watch last week's ceremony. God bless!

Andrea Yeager Darin - Thank you for taking care of him at the end. I know you guys had good times together and I love you for sharing your memories with me. I hope we can see each other again when time permits?

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