Bobby Darin Fan Gallery

Gail Glaze

I went to the Art Fair on the Square in Madison, WI. this weekend. There was a man sitting at a desk with an old portable Smith-Corona typewriter. He had a sign that said, "Pay anything you want, give me a topic and I will write a poem for you." Of course, I gave him Bobby Darin as a topic and the scanned image is the poem he wrote for me. Completely original! Best regards! Gail Glaze

Clarice Adele Frederick

I remember how excited I was when my mom bought me my first Bobby Darin album for my tenth birthday, the Ultimate Bobby Darin, and when she videotaped his A&E Biography the year before a few days after my birthday (my birthday is August 24th and the episode aired August 29, 2001).

I discovered Bobby Darin's music by listening to a couple of my parent's audio cassette tapes and my favorite songs as a kid were "Splish Splash" and "Mack the Knife" (mind you I had no idea what the song was about back then). I remember my mom taping an episode of Ed Sullivan when it was on public TV because of Bobby Darin being in it.

In my teen years my favorite songs were "Lazy River" and "Dream Lover." By my teen years I appreciated his swinging classy style. Now my favorite songs are "Sunday in New York," the duet he did with Judy Garland and "Once in a Lifetime."

I call him Mr. Awesome and classiness personified among my friends because of his incredible talent.

From a Bobby Darin Facebook Fan

Ester Toribio

How I discovered Bobby was through a sad event that happened in 2012, which was the death of Andy Williams. I like Andy Williams, along with the other balladeers/crooners like Frank, Vic Damone, Steve Lawrence, Nat King Cole, Matt Monroe, Johnny Mathis, etc. I started searching the Internet for news and articles about how and why Andy died. Bobby Darin started showing up in a lot of his TV shows and some of the articles on the Internet. I saw how great a performer he was. So, I got curious and decided to watch the movie Beyond the Sea (8 years after it had been released). I was hooked after that. I did not realize his enormous talents. He was not just a singer. He danced, he played several instruments, he was a songwriter, an actor, a comedian, a great impersonator, a celebrity with a social conscience. As a singer, he was so versatile, he could sing any genre of music and I must say he was great in all of them. I was surprised that he was a rapper too with his song "Bullfrog." He was so ahead of his time. He could even sing in foreign languages like Spanish ("Guantanamera"), French ("Milord") and German ("Schatten Auf Den Wegen" or "18 Yellow Roses.") I have not seen or heard any singer with that much talent and versatility.

His life story is another reason I became a fan. Kevin Spacey did a great job portraying him and I liked that he actually sang instead of lip syncing the songs. I give credit to Kevin's movie. If not for this movie and his great acting in that movie, I probably would not discover Bobby since he has been dead for many, many decades. Of course, the Internet has also made it easy for me to find out about Bobby. The Bobby Darin Official Website has been a great source of information. It is wonderful to see all his photos, listen to his music on YouTube and read articles about him. I was so touched and moved by his life story: how he was born from a poor family and had a cardboard box for a crib; had to suffer rheumatic fever and later overhearing the doctor telling his family that he was not going to live past a certain age. The most tragic was finding out that his entire life, according to Bobby himself, "has been a lie." What is even more tragic is never finding out who his real father was. I could not imagine how devastating that must be. The ultimate admirable thing about Bobby was his decision to donate his body to medical research. He was still thinking of what he can contribute for the good of society, even to the end.

My favorite song is "Beyond the Sea." Of course I like all his hits especially the ones that he wrote himself. He was a prolific songwriter and wrote songs in different genres too. As a matter of fact, I have a play list I call "BD Super Favorites" which I play every night when I am ready to go to bed.

Since I am a new fan, I am still discovering a lot of his songs, movies, TV shows. I have started my own BD collections of books, CDs and DVDs and I have joined all Bobby Darin FB groups hoping to learn more about him. Joining these FB groups has been wonderful. I get to virtually meet and chat with other BD fans. It's nice that they are all very willing to share their BD memorabilia, rare photos, rarely played songs, old articles, etc. so that Bobby's legacy can be perpetuated and that is great.

My only regret is not getting to know him during the 60's and 70's. I could have been a fan of his when he was alive and kicking. I would love to have seen him live in concert or in a nightclub show. Oh well, as the saying goes, "Better late than never."

Keith Survillas
Now, 16 years later (2014) - Keith is living his dream!!
Keith sings.

As a young aspiring actor/singer, Bobby Darin and so much about him serves as a guide to show biz, to life, to the arts and so much more. I can only hope I gain one moment of a career like his. If I do go where my heart is leading me, all credit due will go out to the world that Mr. Darin was and is a part of my success.

Many things I've learned about from performing to life, comes from Bobby. Please keep up on the release of new Darin material as it benefits fans as well as us students of the arts.

Judy McRae, Sydney Australia

The saying “Mack” was his only number one hit, that is not correct because in Australia where I live “Multiplication” was number 1. That number stayed somewhere in the back of my mind all the years I was bringing up a family of 4 children.

One day my sister asked me who was my favourite singer, the instant answer, Bobby Darin of course, my birthday gift of the CD, "Wild, Cool & Swingin'" arrived. From that day 15 years ago I have purchased everything that has been made available.

My husband loved playing Bobby also, but sadly he passed away 18 months ago, July 2012. At his funeral I had “The Sweetheart Tree” played, a wonderful song for lovers.

Bobby Darin’s legacy is the most important thing in my life after God and family, corresponding with all the other Darin fans and looking forward to even more releases in the future.

Sepide Mohammadali-Tork

My Name is Sepide i'm 16 years Old and i'm from Germany. I love Bobby because he is the Most Talented Person that I ever See. He is a all around Talent. I wish i could be more like him. I have so much to say about Bobby but im Not able to say it in english. I Hope You can understand me.

Jaime Tardanico

Bobby Darin (Walden Robert Cassotto) is the greatest man who ever lived. Bobby Darin itself is a magical name let alone how magical he was when he was alive.

It all started when I was in kindergarten and I heard him sing "Beyond the Sea" and my love just grew from there. Now I'm obsessed with the big hunk of awesomeness. His music hypnotizes me and be is a magnificent actor. He is just such a magical person. That's All is one of my favorite albums.

I was born in 1999 but he lives on in my heart. I know more about Bobby than my grandmother and she actually lived through his time.

It is amazing how long he lived compared to how long he expected to live. When he was a boy he overheard the doctor tell his mother he would die at age 14 but he lived more than double that amount of time. And in that amount of time he loved more in 37 years than most people will live in 100.


My name is Alex and I am from Scotland in the UK and I am 16. I only discovered Bobby Darin by sheer luck last year on a CD of my granddads. I like all music but there's something about this man that seems so ... GREAT!

I find it really sad that a lot of people perhaps have forgotten about Mr Darin, but in my eyes he's a bit of a hero of mine. After discovering Bobby Darin, I've decided to take music more seriously, as I've started singing and playing more instruments.

Bobby Darin might not have thought he'd achieved his best in music but to me he's a hero. I salute you Bobby Darin.

Connie Jeffrey

I'm a lifelong fan of Bobby Darin and when I was a kid it was his swaggering confidence that drew me as well as his music. Since then I have had such fun in discovering all the variety and versatility of his music. I love that he was not content to stay with one kind of music and sung so many styles of music so well.

To me it means so much that Bobby was a writer as well as a singer. Many of the songs he wrote are among my very favorites. Bobby's a light in the storm - sometimes he is the storm of charisma and contradiction. His vision and thought keeps riding new tides today and there is always something new to discover in his words and songs. They belong to today and the future just as much as when he wrote them. I know that he kept journals and wrote some poems. It's the unknown of them, that they would capture Bobby that is so captivating to me. Just to know they existed.

I love Bobby for all the spirit and excitement he has brought. Bobby to me is
light and humor, bravery and truth.

Irene Wallace

I have been a fan of Bobby Darin's for such a long time. I never got to see him perform but watched him on tv. There are so many songs ... I always loved his singing. "Mack the Knife" is my favorite and I have "Beyond the Sea" as my ringtone!

When my husband and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary, we took our entire family on a cruise. They all are aware of my feelings for Bobby and made sure "Mack the Knife" was played. We danced the Lindy to it ... we had a ball! Last week we were at a wedding reception and my husband requested Mack for us old-timers ... but there were plenty of young people dancing to it! It was just good music.

Nancy Prater

I have loved Bobby since I first heard "Splish Splash" and I love that, anytime day or night I can enjoy his wonderful humor on stage via YouTube. He always puts a smile on my face. What a wonderful legacy. The movies I have shown my granddaughters. We all feel like Bobby and Sandra are family we have watched so many times. God took you home Bobby because he needed your humor. You are in our hearts forever.

Dodd, thank you for sharing your memories with us. Bless you!


"Once upon a time ... a man with joy in his eyes ... gave himself to the world ... and said that his life would be short ... But, that was once upon a time. Very long ago."

When I got to know Bobby? Only recently. While I was watching an interview with Sandra Dee (which I already knew), I wondered: why they always talk of romance between Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin? Who is Bobby Darin?

Only now I realize that I ignored all this time the existence of the greatest singer and performer that the world has ever had. I'm in love with Bobby, I love everything about him, all his songs are wonderful. What incredible man! The story of his life has touched me; his commitment to others and his love for music are wonderful.

The love story with Sandra is a fable: was born in Italy, in the magic Rome of 1960! What a fantastic couple: both were beautiful, famous and above, them were in love. Bobby was determined from the beginning, he wanted to marry Sandy and so it happened. How not to fall in love with someone like Bobby? In 1961, was born Dodd that had the sweetness of the mother and looks like the dad.

Thanks to this perfect site (for a perfect man) I had the opportunity to know more about Bobby. I saw the movie "Beyond the Sea" and I was moved because, somehow, this is an important praise. Bobby Darin was all: singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, impersonator, host, entertainer ... He had talent, charm, beauty, intelligence, gentleness, humor and determination.

Bobby was, first of all, an Italian and this is a great pride for me. I didn't the good fortune to know him (I was born in 1991) but, if were possible to travel into the past, I wouldn't have doubts. I would like to attend one of his performances. The magic of his voice, his expressions, his movements of a dancer were unique, Bobby was unique and he will be forever.

The 20 December 1973 is missing a great man, the most brilliant singer of all time. He hasn't seen to grow his beloved son, he didn't know his granddaughters, he hasn't experienced the joy of receiving major awards; he has left a huge pain, but there are the songs, movies, books, videos that make him live again.

Thanks God for giving us Bobby and thanks to you, Bobby, for the gift you left us: just AMORE.

As you sing, "... fill my heart with song ... and let me sing for ever more " is forever now that you're an angel. I'll never forget you.

With love,

Kathy Bennett

I am 54 years old and I have always been in love with Bobby Darin! I started crushing on him when I was just a very small child! My sister had a thing for James Darren, but for me it was always Bobby! He will always have a place in my heart!

Cheryl Endicott

OMG! I love Bobby Darin so very much!

I sing "Clementine" every chance I get at Karaoke, and I've downloaded him on YouTube so I can watch him singing and dancing. He was the greatest performer, and I loved Sandra Dee, they were so meant for each other.

I have the movie with Kevin Spacey performing as Bobby Darin, and what a great job he did playing Bobby.

I am in the process of writing a song to remember Bobby, Nat, Frank, Patsy, etc. and I hope someone would be interested in recording this song for me, so we can all remember how great they all were, but in my eyes Bobby Darin was the greatest ever.

And it saddens me to know that he passed away at such a young age before he could give us more GREAT songs.

I love you Bobby!

Melissa Davis

Like so many people, I knew and loved "Splish Splash" and Mack and Carpenter. I watched Bobby's TV show and felt badly when he died in 1973. Over the years, I would play those singles for my younger sister and always thought nothing, absolutely nothing was cooler than Bobby singing "Mack the Knife." When my nieces and nephews came along, I played his music for them, too.

But it was really only just a few years ago when I was up in the middle of the night despondent in the middle of a life crisis, wandering around on the Internet when I found the youtube clip of Bobby's Ed Sullivan appearance singing Mack. Two hours later, I was still completely engrossed and far into the suggested clips youtube offers you! I was able to hear something besides my own sobbing and feel something besides my own pain. I couldn't find a single CD at the sole remaining music store in the city, but got busy building my collection from Amazon. Every CD was a revelation after that - That's All, Two of a Kind, Darin at the Copa, Dr. Doolittle - and then the impeccable and ignored Direction albums. Pure brilliance.

He didn't exactly save my life - he gave me back my life. I defy anyone to put on "Sunday in New York" and not feel better instantly. Later, as I healed, he helped me begin to feel again. There is nothing I can give him in return - I can't even give him thanks and that breaks my heart.

But I do make sure that every single person I know and meet knows how my life was put back together - with Bobby Darin's help and to a soundtrack that always feels that he sang it just for me.

Celebrate his birthday on May 14 - turn someone on to a song and have a hot fudge sundae in his honor! Those of you who know the story will know how much he'd appreciate that.

Giorgio Betti, Italy

[I am a Bobby Darin fan] since Sinatra was Bach, Darin was Mozart of pop music.

Kara Nelson

I first fell in love with Bobby and his music when I was seven. My parents had a cassette tape that had a mix of "oldies" and rock-n-roll hits. The first track was "Splish Splash," which rapidly became my favorite of all the songs we had to listen to while in the car. Later in life, when I reached the age of 15, I began paying attention to Darin's anthology of music. I first purchased a two CD greatest hits type collection then quickly started buying every Darin album I could find.

Through listening to his songs I became entranced with his voice and the passion that flowed out each note of each song he sang. When I first saw a recording of Darin live on stage I cried. Tears of joy leapt from my heart and happiness pulsed in my veins. Once I learned of his story and read Dodd's book, my admiration for Bobby grew exponentially. Being one who struggles on a daily basis with a disease that will most likely take my life in the end, and one that has weakened my heart, his strength and refusal to give up inspires me to give everyday my all and not let something like pain or weakness of body weaken my spirit and drive.

I began playing piano at 3, flute at 10, drums at 11, and guitar at 12. Darin has become a hero to me, not just as a musician, but as a social leader, songwriter, performer, and as a human being.

Now, at 25, I have a collection of over 300 Darin recordings, steadily growing collection of DVD's, his films, stage performances and documentary pieces produced. His music fills me with admiration and willpower. His spirit flows through me and inspires me on a daily basis. His love for his art and dedication to his craft gives me the strength to power through the toughest of circumstances.

This past March, I took a trip and finally did something I have been wanting to do for many years now. I got a tattoo dedicated to Bobby and his memory.

It's something that all of you fellow Darin fans out there will recognize and know, but I made sure it was also something that people feel inclined to ask about. And when they ask who Bobby Darin is, I then have the opportunity to tell another person about the amazing heart, passion, and talent of a man who was taken from this world far too soon. A man who left behind a legacy and creative library that could never be appreciated enough.

Thank you and blessings to all the people out there keeping Darin's memory alive.

Kathy Eddy

I know Bobby Darin is by far the most talented performer in my time, I really got into him after the movie BEYOND THE SEA.

I buy all of his CDs and DVDs I can get my hands on.

I really love and respect him for his talent, his honesty and his love for his son. I tell people I only loved two men in my life, and they are both in heaven, my husband and Bobby Darin.

My favorite song is HAPPY. I had a hard time finding this MOTOWN CD. It was expensive but worth every cent. My other favorites are RAININ' and A WORLD WITHOUT YOU.

Robby October

I found the Bobby Darin site in 2000 (while looking for a Sandra Dee site). I have "been away" a long time selling books on eBay and now, I am back and missed this so much.

My parents owned one of those roadside diners where a jukebox played all day and night and teens of our town loved the place we owned called The Dixie Diner when I was only three years of age, so I "grew up" with rock and roll music as part of my life since a baby. Since OUR MUSIC was so special, like many of us baby boomers, I only need to hear the first three notes of a song and I KNOW what is it. I know many of you are the same way.

I have all of Bobby's movies and like each one, comedy and drama. My three fav songs are "Rainin," "Dream Lover" and "Beyond the Sea."

I admire his courage because as we all know, he carried such a heavy burden - knowing his life would be short - and NEVER went to drugs or alcohol to "escape" (and who could have blamed him if he had) rather, he created himself and by thinking "life is what you make it" ... and brought joy and laughter to many of his closest friends and gave his fans music that shall never die.

Alex Bird

Now, 4 years later (2013) - Alex is living his dream!!
A determined young man, and determined to keep BD's name and music out there.
Check out his 1st professional video, singing Bobby's "Jive."
Thanks, Alex, for the update!

My name is Alex Bird, I am 18 years old and live in Toronto Canada. Since the tender age of two I have been involved in the world of Jazz music and the big band sound. I have been very privelleged in my life so far to have been to many concerts and clubs.

Looking back on the talent that I never got a chance to see really leaves me with an undescribable empty feeling. As my love for the music grew I came to discover my passion for singing. It all started with my Sinatra craze. I was dead set on this man being the greatest, period. It all started for me around the age of 14, and I am still enamoured today with Sinatra.

It was this past year or so that I discovered the music of Bobby Darin. At first to me, Bobby was just the "Mack the Knife" guy ... and it saddens me to know people still think of him as just that. It was during this past year that I went on a Darin craze ... I purchased as much of his music from all periods and DVDs as I could. Sitting for countless hours ... being in an absolutely magical daze on many occasions ... has now fully changed my outlook on singing.

I was dead set on no one even coming close to changing my opinion on Sinatra. But Bobby came along ... Bobby came along and opened my eyes to something new within my music. Just when I thought I had hit the sky ... Mr. Darin opened the heavens. His ability to move a lyric ... and even move on stage has had me captivated.

I have not only enjoyed his music as a fan ... but as a singer. His work and warm personality pushed me even harder. I have gone from nothing to something, and have been getting some regular singing gigs. I account this not only to the credit of Sinatra .... but to that of Darin. Bobby Darin has inspired me to reach the top no matter what ... knowing time is of the essence ... is an important virtue.

Bobby's heart may have stopped beating a very long time ago ... but I believe it still somehow beats within us all ... pushing us throughout our daily lives. God Bless Bobby Darin ... and his fans. And thank you Mr. Darin ... for being the driving voice behind the beginnings of a hopeful career. I need to keep this music going ... and I listen to your music ... and know anything is possible.

Mickey M. Cossotto

I'm only 24 years old but loved the 40s and 50s since I was a kid. Then when I was 16 I first heard "Mack the Knife" and thought it was just the greatest song ever. In that, my Darin addiction was born!

I have almost all his CDs including some rare uncut ones which are all just awesome!

Bobby was the king of what he did surpassing everyone around him cause he did what I want to do ... and that's multi-genre music. It didn't matter what it was Bobby made it so awesome cause music was indeed what he was living for!

I'm going to try to bring back his style in my music and writing with a little bit of his voice style too. I'm having a hard time getting anyone to help me record it and don't have any band members but I'll do what I can by myself.

The style I'm going to bring is going to put Bobby back on top like he belongs always! Music now is just too blah and he is long overdue for a comeback, as long as I'm alive he will be too! Now if I could just find a band .......

Wendy Hamilton

"The Man Time Forgot"

Looking back over the years
I see glimpses of you
Your smile
That cocky attitude
That rubbed everyone the wrong way
Nothing was too hard for you to do
No goal was out of your reach.

There were times I am sure
That you wondered what would have been
If life hadn’t dealt you a death blow
Where would you have been?
Would you have achieved?
Half of the things that now inspire me?

You had a chance
A chance to fly higher than any other before
To heights that only you could see
Then you pause
Thinking of who you have become
Is this what you wanted?
Could you have made better choices?
Have you found the real you that dwelt deep within?

Then a voice so small is heard
“This is what I wanted
There was nothing else in life that inspired me
My time was short
My ambition great
What other path could I have taken?
To achieve the things that few see in their life time
In the short time that I have been given.”

There was one thing that eluded you
True Love
From the beginning you were surrounded by that safe love
That nurtured you through your darkest nights and gave you a plan
A direction for you life
This plan was strong, it kept you safe
Kept you holding on to the vanishing thread of your life.

But this plan was not your own
It was a plan of those who cared for you
As you grew
The plan faded
Then search for who you were
Began to pound in your soul
Till all you wanted to do was to find a way to make you whole
The love that cushioned you faded.

New loves came and went
Never giving you the thing that you sought so hard to find
A place that you could go to and call

Then one day you just walked away
The vision that had burnt so brightly in your heart
Now had faded leaving you alone
With nothing to hold on to
All they could see was who they thought you were
Never seeing the real you
Crying day and night to be found
Loved held
Wanted who you were
Not who you portrayed.

Time has covered your footsteps
Now it is hard to see where you have been
But I remember
I hold your memory dear
While I am alive
You will never be forgotten
I hope you have now found your peace.

Ralphie G.

I'm a big Bobby Darin fan. I've sung "Mack the Knife" since I was 17. I'm now 52.

My son, 11, likes and is an expert on sharks because he heard me sing "Mack the Knife. I Love Bobby's Singing the Standards. My 3 1/2 year old calls "Mack the Knife" THE SHARK SONG! My dad survived the operation Bobby didn't. He died in '93 from other causes.

When I was thinking of becoming a singer, I was Bobby Floretine.


I was never lucky enough to meet Bobby Darin, as I am only young 27 years old. I was lucky enough to be introduced to his great music as a small child of about 8 years old. My parents would play his music, and I was just totally amazed at how brilliant his songs were.

I miss Darin a lot these days. With the more modern music I still listen to Bobby's CD's and my ipod is full to the brim with his songs. "A Simple Song of Freedom" could be released today because it is relevant to these times that we live in.

I think he was a man born before his time. I would definately put him up there with the greats such as Sammy Davis Jr.

I think people like Kevin Spacey and British Singer Robbie Williams have done a great job in introducing Bobby's music to a whole new generation of younger audiences, funny because I knew his music before a lot of my friend's did, they had never heard of Bobby Darin much to my disbelief, until Beyond the Sea film was realeased. Then they became huge Bobby Darin fans! I guess they were wondering what they had been missing!

He may be gone, but not his memory. His memory will last forever.

Brenda Strauss

I am a fan of Bobby Darin ... from when he first started out.

I remember his secretary Harriet Wasser ... Bobby was an entertainer ... if he were alive today ... he would be the BEST there is.  So talented ... he was able to dance ... sing ... act ... and a personality no one can beat. The best by far in the business.

I have an autographed picture of him ... signed to me ... I love him ... Bobby Darin is on the top of entertainers ... he is surely missed. He is the best ... I truly adore him ... and when I hear "Mack the Knife" ... I could feel him ... I could hear him ... his wink and smile took over me. I love him and miss his singing today ... I have all his records and play them all the time.

Joannie A. Ten Hoeve

Bobby Darin has always been and always will be one of my favorite singers. I enjoy all of his music and his many, many talents.

Today I was remembering how sad I was and how I cried when my mother woke me up to tell me that he passed away, when I was getting ready for school. She and I enjoyed watching him on his summer variety show while my dad worked nights.

My husband purchased me two of his books a few Christmas' ago and I still pick them up and read them over and over again.

I wish I would have had the opportunity to see him perform in person, but I'm glad I am able to still watch him in old video clips and DVDS - what a wonderful person he was!! He was able to beat the odds for a while and he always seemed to enjoy what he loved the most - performing!!

I was listening to one of my many Bobby Darin CD's on my drive to work and was listening to one of my favorites - 18 YELLOW ROSES - what a song - it brings me to tears every time I listen to it.

I can't believe he is gone 33 years - I'm so glad that people still want to listen to his music - and why not - it's wonderful as he was. He was taken from us much to early but he will forever live in my heart and soul.

Bobby Darin forever!!


I am 16 years old and I like oldies music over modern music because it has a lot of values and the lyrics are so timeless. I never lived in the 1950s or 1960s but I love the music from this period. And Bobby Darin really showed that extra push that music has to have. And even though he's sadly gone his music will live on forever. Bobby is gone, but definitely not forgotten!


Charles Bigelow

I was a young boy when Bobby Darin was at the top of his career.  I can recall seeing him on black and white television, a slender small framed guy, slicked back hair, clean and neat in appearance, who most always wore a suit. He excelled in  talent for his time era of music, for my remembering him as. 

He had perfect stage presence and would most always snap his fingers, while he sang his song to the audience. I can truly say, I loved him being 16 years younger than his age was, and he absolutely is my most favorite singer of my entire lifetime, as well. My all time favorite song of Bobby's is entitled, "About a Quarter to Nine." 

  My guess would be that Bobby would have been in his mid 20's to early 30's when I became familiar with him as a performer. To me, nobody could create a music style close to his own. He had a unique, one guy style, all by himself, for his time era. Frank Sinatra and Elvis also were at the top of the charts, during the time Bobby Darin also peaked to his own fantastic artistic fame, but to my personal liking, nobody ever  deserved the most credit for the artistry than Bobby Darin achieved for himself.  He has pure showmanship and talent, far greater than any of his peers, in my estimation. 

Bobby, you will always be a part of my entire life's memories, so to you I give you my deepest admiration, for the excellent person and perfectionist type performer that you always were, to me and to the globe all over. 

He shared a glimpse of absolute stardom to me, for an entire lifetime, that I'll always treasure. Nobody will ever meet his successes. He truly was one of a kind type of guy.  I love you Bobby, may your legacy live on, for decades to come.


Danny Ring

Words can't describe how important Bobby Darin is in my life but I'll try. I'm a singer/musician/ dj/karaoke jockey. Whenever I sing in clubs I feel that Bobby is there with me helping me through the show. My guardian angel. I'm a student of Bobby's singing style and I listen and watch him on DVD regularly.

But he's so much more than a great teacher, he's my inspiration. When you think all the trials and tribulations this man has gone through, and to be able to achieve all that he has against all the odds in such a short amount of time is incredible. It goes to show what a human being is capable of if he/she has the right amount of determination, guts and a love for the art.

I feel that I owe him so much for not only helping me with my craft but also all the pleasure he has given me. I truly love this man.

God bless you Bobby.

Jonathan Jackson

I had always known of Bobby Darin but never really listened to his music, then it hit me all at once, I watched the new Kevin Spacey movie Beyond the Sea and I was like wow! 

Bobby Darin has impacted my life in so many ways. I love his style of songs and the way he sang them is even greater. I would have never been able to meet such a great man perform but if I could turn the clock back just once he would be first on my list. I have become such a fan that I have bought and watched many movies, programs and arrangements that I listen to every day of my life.

This man has touched my life so much that I could be asleep and still here him singing. I plan to collect so many more of his pieces and hopefully some of the books that have been written about him as well. And maybe if we are real lucky the television shows that he put together in the 70’s will come out on DVD soon.

I will now close this with ... Mr. Darin would have been proud to know all the fans that he has obtained over the years even after his death and that he will keep on swinging. And as they say in show biz “This Could Be the Start of Something Big.”   With love!!! Thank you so much BD

Robert "Bobby" Dayoc, Jr.

The three biggest musical influences in my life are, and always will be till the day I die, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and of course the one and only Bobby Darin.

I was only 10 years old when Bobby passed away, but I can remember watching his television show shortly before his death. My mother was a fan and my father, believe it or not, resembled his looks in his early years ... cool, sharp, sophisticated.

About ten years ago, I was reintroduced to his music through an older co-worker of mine. He let me borrow his cassette of "Two of a Kind" with Johnny Mercer and the more I listened, the more I needed and wanted to learn about this great talent. I then proceeded to collect hundreds of CD's, cassettes, VHS, books, magazines, and DVD's which included his music, performances, documentaries, specials, and films.

To me, he epitomizes a true, all-around entertainer. There were many great performers of his day, but his life story particularly remains an inspiration to me.

About three years ago I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and saw the piano he used to write the song, "Splish Splash." I was in awe. I could visualize a young Darin, working out the chords and vocals -- what a feeling!

Today, his music sounds just as fresh and exciting to me as ever!!! Thanks for the music Bobby, your legacy has touched me.


Don Little

In the late 80s I was drumming for a rock band in New Haven CT. My day job was with a remodeling company. In one old abandoned house that we were restoring I found a box of albums and I took them home. One of them was Bobby Darin's That's All. I fell in love with it. Who is this guy? I played it over and over.

He sings with such real emotion that you really can get wrapped up in the mood. I'd be bopping around my apartment listing to "I'll Remember April" right up until I had to run out the door and join the band for a trip to NYC and the stage at CBGB's. His stuff was and still is fabulously infectious.

Just the other day my sister told me she was reading a fascinating book about Bobby. She said she liked that song "Mack the Knife." I drove 80 miles to her house just to let her borrow some of my CDs. We sat and listened to the That's All CD. I said, "You're going to turn into a 1959 finger snapping hipster aren't you?" She said, "Ooooh I love him." It's clear Bobby's still got them dropping like flies. Being great is timeless.

I'm happy to have found this site.

Jan-Jaap Been

Click here for a Recording Sessions listing he compiled.
Note: Some of the pictures used were from the Official Bobby Darin Website.

My name is Jan-Jaap Been and I live in Meppel, the Netherlands. Some 30 years ago we had a radio programme called "The Rock and Roll Method", and that's when I first heard a Bobby Darin song ("Splish Splash"). I was struck by lightning by the way he sang. Now 30 years later, I'm 43 now, nothing of that feeling has faded. In fact, nowadays with DVD and everything, I can say that my respect for THE MAN has gotten into bigger proportions. It's only too sad that he passed away too soon.

To get an idea of the hits he charted here in Holland:

"Mack the Knife" charted in Jan '60 at POS 12
"If I Were a Carpenter" charted on Oct. 29 at POS 8
I'm ashamed to say, that's all.

In my country Bobby is an unknown person, also with rock and jazz fans. Maybe all the DVD's and CD's that are available now will help some. It certainly has no effect on me: Bobby forever!!

George Arleo

Many of the fans have already expressed more than I can say about the wonderful feeling shared by listening to Bobby Darin songs.  I’m so thankful to Kevin Spacey for his talent and artistry in bringing Beyond the Sea to us.   I'm wearing the DVD out playing it over and over. Thank you, Bobby, so much.

Ward Lamb

My name is Ward Lamb. I have been a fan of Bobby Darin for a long time. I loved his versatility. My favorite LPs  are That's All and two folk LPs from the late 60's, Inside Out, and If I Were a Carpenter. Bobby was equally at home singing pop, rock, blues and folk. His version of "Beyond the Sea" is so free and open, it speaks volumes of his spirit.

My old friend Samuel Katz (science) was a teacher of Bobby's in the Bronx. He said he was a great kid, and he loved him. Too bad Bobby had a short life ... but an intensive, extensive career. Yes his legacy lives on.

Thanks for the music, Bobby!

Robert Sledz

Why do I love Bobby Darin? Well, it was when I first saw the movie "Beyond the Sea"  on DVD. That is when he began to come alive in my heart. I only heard vaguely who he was by the stories people would tell or by the music I would listen to. It was the movie that brought Bobby Darin full circle to me. I am very happy to send this short but fantastic witness of my accolade in honor of him. 

I lived in Chicago and went to school as a little boy in the early "70's so I never really got into Bobby Darin's life until now.  I really believe that there is nothing "ordinarily good" about this man, instead simply and profoundly great.  Nobody is "just" good.  It's just that when your good, your "GREAT!"  No in-between and Bobby Darin was great!

  He loved the music and the people and he got them always involved. He never came out from behind, but from "beyond" the enormous distinguished faith in finding people where they were. That's the mystery of being great.  It isn't in the fame, although that's good ... and true. It isn't in advancement, although he had that and more, and maybe not even the talent, of which he had it all. But it was in his heart. His faith that made him the love of millions today.

Bobby Darin, thank you for the music. I know that today, for you and your adored wife, "Heaven is a place called Home!"

Edwina Halsey

There are more reasons why I love Bobby than there are stars in the sky. I grew up with his music. Watched him on American Bandstand many times. And then, he was gone. I never did have one particular entertainer I liked when I was younger. I liked their songs. But Bobby was different. And then, he was gone.

Thanks to Kevin Spacey, Bobby is back and bigger than ever.

Now, that I am older, I can and do appreciate this multi-talented man. I've read all the books about him dozens of times, I have all his CDs. I had been suffering from anxiety/depression for nearly ten years and then, Bobby came back. I no longer have the anxiety/depression. He and his music have helped me more than any doctor could. He has given me back my life. I wish I could give him back his.

I listen to his music everyday no matter what I am doing. I am an artist and Bobby and his music have inspired me to do several paintings related to some of his songs. The strength and courage Bobby had during his lifetime, the dedication to his art, the will to go on, is where I draw my strength from. I have a wall, almost two walls now, in my studio with photos of Bobby. He is my motivation, my strength, my inspiration.

Bobby is back for a reason, my fellow fans. Only time will tell us what that reason is. Is it to help we who love him to continue on in these days of turmoil?

It took Mr. Spacey ten years (I think) to get Bobby's biopic on the big screen, but he did it and by doing it he resurrected Bobby. I am back to being me and it's good. Thank you, Kevin. Thank you Bobby ... I love you.

Suellen Zimet

I am a contemporary of Bobby Darin's , about 5 years younger. At the time, I was a busy young mother raising a large family and although I appreciated his talent, I never swooned like I did over Sinatra - so what happens? "Beyond the Sea" comes out and I fall madly in love with the man.  Now, I buy every CD and DVD I can get my hands on in an attempt to acquire his amazing body of work.

The cutest part of this story is that my 3 year old granddaughter has become a big Bobby Darin fan. Every time she gets in my car, she asks to hear "Splish Splash" and she knows every word by heart! To hear her sing it (in her baby voice) is to know that Bobby Darin is alive and well in our memories, our hearts and minds and he will go on forever, that kind of talent always does.


Elise Cormier

After reading so many of the fan letters, I realize how lucky I am to have grown up listening to Bobby Darin.  He was and is still my favorite.  Even now, I am discovering new songs that I never heard before such as "A Christmas Auld Lang Syne."  A beautiful and extremely well done version ... Bobby really hits those high notes.  My favorite song is still "A True, True Love," the flip side of "If a Man Answers."  I still religiously watch my DVD's of his movies.  He was such a talented person and not truly appreciated, in my opinion.  I know he is still swinging in Rock 'n Roll Heaven and I look forward to seeing him there.

Larry Stoller

I'm 59 and one of my favorite singers and entertainers, when I was growing up and in my teens, was Al Jolson.  I did not get hooked on Bobby Darin until after I saw the film "Beyond The Sea." Then I started stocking up  on CDs, DVDs, books, etc of Bobby Darin.

The way I see it (and hear it) is "he just didn't sing the songs, he lived the songs ... I mean he made them come alive."  Listening to "Beyond the Sea" and "Mack the Knife"  takes me to music heaven.  Watching and listening to "All I Have to Do Is Dream" makes me want to hug my wife again and again.  And listening to "The Curtain Falls" tells me (really tells me) that "he was made for this!"

Now,  Bobby Darin is one of my favorite singers and entertainers also.


Beth Radtke

Beth in front of Bobby's old house in Las Vegas

It's so hard to put into words what it is about Bobby that is so very special. There's no one like him. At all. Personally, professionally, he stands above everyone. Being a fan for a few years, it's only recently that I've dived in completely and can't seem to get enough of him. Either on CD or video or DVD. I've read that people who knew him personally had the same feeling of never getting enough of him either.

Having been 6 when Bobby passed on, I feel like I missed so much. I often wonder if when I was in Las Vegas when I was 5, was he in the town too? I don't know why it matters, because he is still very much in my life now. He is so timeless, it's hard to imagine that he'd be 70 next year. So many years that he could have shared that incredible talent with us. But I'm very thankful we have all that we do. Thank God for that. Because you can still feel the excitement when watching him.

How amazing is his talent that it still stands out -- being so much better than anything out there today? Of course what he did personally is so incredibly inspiring. To be so ill at times and still give these strong, strong performances. To rise above his personal trials and give back to his audience. If there's any justice in this world, he knows that we all still love him and thank him. I know I will have his talent throughout my life, because I know I'm never letting go.

Thank you Mr. Darin :)

Corey Hodges

Bobby Darin was, in all respects, one of the greatest performers of the 20th Century. Surpassing all boundaries of physicality, heart-break, and utter disrespect in later years he ventured from classic tunes such as "Mack the Knife" and "Always" to Folk-Era ballads which included the over-looked "If I Were a Carpenter."

His career was, albeit short due to a heart ailment, full of life and vitality when it came to his work and his family. Recording over 400 songs, many of which were recognized for many weeks on the Billboard charts, his career is what he is remembered by. But his family, and turbulent marriage to Sandra Dee, is what is not, and should, be recognized when the name "Bobby Darin" is mentioned.

Mr. Darin, of who's work I have bought many copies of during the past two years, was, and is, a master of the art of music-making. He is being recognized, not only in the recent bio-pic which was a fine honor to his character and being, but also by numerous commercials, advertisements, and spots on television premieres around the world. Although only living to the tender age of thirty-seven, Bobby Darin left a myriad of work for all to enjoy and discover. He is being honored in the way he should have been many years ago: As a versatile performer who should never be forgotten.

Keep swinging, Mr. Darin! You will always be remembered.

Barb Kieffer

I love Bobby because of his versatility in all aspects of entertainment. I can't think of any other person that achieved what he did in his short life. His live performances were electrical, and he always gave 100%+ to every audience. Bobby was innovative. He chose not to take the easy route and was constantly reinventing himself. He could tackle movies, television, live performances with ease and excellence. How many others do we see these days that can do the same? I never tire of listening to his golden voice over and over again. I loved him as a child and I'll love him forever! It's such a credit to him that people are constantly rediscovering him, and will for generations to come.

Thomas J.(Gov) Rhodes

Here are my two paragraphs on why I love Bobby Darin and consider him to be one of the most inspirational human beings that's ever lived!

Life is best described as a journey fraught with situations, some of which challenge our very existence. There are crossroads that require, yes demand, that we make decisions as to which way we will go if we are to achieve any worthwhile goal with the life we have been blessed with.

Walden Robert Cassotto's dreams were put on notice at a tender age, that his life would not last very long. 16 years at best. Whatever it was that he wanted to achieve, time was of the essence. And so through commitment, perseverance, and unbridled determination Bobby Darin at 37 left his mark as a human being who cared! A self-taught dynamic entertainer who will never be forgotten! For eternity to come, across the universe, Bobby will be singing, "Look out old Mack is back!"

Thank you for this opportunity to try and convey in just a few words, the enjoyment I receive when I can talk about why I have loved and admired Bobby Darin like I do!

Frederick C. Gross

My name is Frederick C. Gross. The reason I've been a Darin fan are many. I've won many singing contests doing the master's style. I was 7-8 years old when I first heard "Splish Splash." Bobby was every other singer only turbocharged! I've read three books and purchased at least four video movies he starred in. It's hard to name a favorite song but since I've won so many contests with Bobby's rendition of "Clemintine," I guess I'll go with that one. I even requested the Sound Choice Karaoke contest to put that song on one of their discs, along with Buddy Holly's "True Love Ways" and they came through and I bought the disc. However the legends disc is more up-beat and to my liking.

I even proposed and opening for Kevin Spacy's upcoming movie based on my search for information on bobby in an almanac at the Towanda, Pennsylvannia Public Library. As a host of my own karaoke show I do trivia questions and talk up Darin to even strangers in Pennsylvannia, New York, Ohio, Indianna and Florida. The highest respect is that he wrote music, played eight different instuments, garnered a Oscar nomination, and gave of himself.

I met a lady in Florida in 2001 who shook Bobby's hand in person and happened to be noticably pregnent at the time and Bobby insisted she get off her feet, since she had stood in line some time to see him, and gave her his chair! I've been spreading the word about Darin's talents faithfully since I read Al Di'Orio's book, which I had the Pennsylvannia Library system turn upside down in 1999. I ordered the Rhino Box Set and a year later bought the Copa Live disc! Just amazing! Possibly the greatest act I've ever heard!

Alexis Iacono

"Bobby is in my whistle, my tap dancing and in my car blaring. Bobby is an icon. An icon of determination and of a real man!! This generation, MY generation has lost something. Respect and sense of humor. Bobby had both. To joke today you get a slap in the face. To be respectful or to get respect, don't hold your breath. However, I have met and dated very nice men/boys. BUT, there is something lost. Bobby had soul, power, confidence and truthfulness. When I listen to Bobby's music there is a part of me that knows that our generation has missed out. And that is innocence.

Bobby is special to me on many levels, but it is the determination and never giving up, that really hits home. Maybe I see a bit of me in him. Or maybe he sees a bit of him in me, that is why maybe I've been touched by his essence.

This is a personal thank you to Bobby Darin because I intend to finish what he has started and that is living life to the fullest, make the dream into a reality and owning it!

Dick Dettrey

To ALL BD fans in the world.

I, initially, became a BD fan when I was all of 17, some 41+ years, ago, when I heard his rendition of “Splish Splash,” I was very wise to recognize the talent was to become a trademark of his style, even then. When his “Mack the Knife” became a huge success, my thoughts of his greatness bore fruit. I was in my first year of college, and it was popular, then. When I, stupidly, abandoned my college dreams, the song, “Mack the Knife” became the drinking song of those of us who imbibed. To this very day, it remains my favorite of all songs, except a few of the other songs he recorded. His Mack is Back video remains one of my favorites as do all of the movies he appeared in.

I, FIRMLY, believe that he has no peers and those who try to emulate his style are in search of stardom at his expense. Vietnam and brain surgery plus grand mal seizures briefly interrupted my life and I missed about a year of BD songs while overseas. His likes will NEVER be around, again, and his death on 20 December 1973 left a void in the entertainment industry that won’t be filled, again, in my life time. What a shame and a waste of excellent talent.

Dick Dettry, a HUGE BD fan.

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