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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Official Bobby Darin website.
We hope this helps you nice Darin fans understand some of the things we are trying to do.


        Q. Why did you make this site?

        A. Back in 1996, when I first got a computer, I was amazed and saddened to see that there was next to nothing about Bobby Darin on the web.I had loved Bobby since I was 12 and wanted to do something for him, but I wasn't sure what. I was always in awe of my friend Mary Spooner's website tributes and was wanting to do the same for Bobby, but I wasn't sure how to go about it.

        In early 1997,with the beginning of unlimited internet access, I was seriously considering making a page about Bobby. I communicated with a man named Michael in California and a woman named Liz in NJ by email about starting some kind of a page for Bobby. We weren't really sure how to go about it. Michael and I could not find Bobby's son, Dodd but we both emailed Nik Venet ( Bobby's friend and producer) and he seemed very excited about our idea.

        I showed it to Nik Venet by email and he was very pleased with it. "The Legendary Bobby Darin" website was officially launched August 7, 1997.

        I was not aware that Mr. Venet was very ill that fall, and when he passed away in Jan. 1998, I knew I needed to keep up the site. It was very much a labor of love in progress, as I was learning what and what not to do.( I am still learning.) I wanted to make something special for Bobby, so I kept adding things like movie reviews and a discography and lots of pictures. My goal was to make the site as educational as possible as well as a site for fans to share their love for Bobby.

        In the fall of 1998, the webmaster of the Johnny Mercer site contacted me, telling me Harriet Wasser, Bobby's dear friend wanted to call me. I was so thrilled! She was wonderful. Then I was suddenly in contact with Steve Blauner, Bobby's friend and former manager and Dodd Darin. This made me very happy and also relieved , knowing I was doing a good job. When the PBS documentary, "Beyond the Song" premiered in Dec. 1998, the site really took off. I was lucky enough to obtain the domain name of BobbyDarin.net ( which was reimbursed to me by Dodd and several fans ) which I feel honored and privileged to be using.

        In 1999, my friend Donna Carter and I purchased the domain name bobbydarin.com and hope we are putting it to good use.

        I encourage any fan, such as I, to make a website about Bobby. The more the better as far as BD goes. Over the years, the website has grown to the point where I needed help. The website team continues to update, make new pages, answer questions and anything else that needs to be done in order to keep Bobby's legacy alive.

        Q. Can I write to Dodd Darin?

        A. We get LOTS of mail about this. Dodd is a very unspoiled and generous person and he loves his father very much. I have been asked to respect his privacy, by not sharing his email ( or any other) address. I am dedicated to honoring his request, as I am sure you can understand. We really want to do the right thing and this is important to us.

        Q. Any new CDs on the way?....what about unreleased stuff??

        A. When we hear of anything coming out, we try to post it as soon as possible. Sometimes, we hear of this through fans because the companies do not always let us (or Bobby's family) know. There are a lot of "Greatest Hits" compliations and bootlegs of the same material out there that are hard to keep up with. One concert Bobby did in London is out on many labels in bootleg quality. Keep checking the news page for important releases.

        Q. This picture is a little blurry....can you make it better so I can print it out?

        A. Again, there is a space issue here. It is impossible to make every picture look crystal clear on the internet without using mega space. We really wish we could make most of them sharper. Also, many of the sources of the pictures come from magazines and are printed on cheap paper. With Video captures, this also depends on the quality of the sources used, some of it is not perfect, so we have to make these rather small.

        Q. Do you have a list of videos of Bobby for sale?

        A. We do not sell videos personally. There are numerous video bootlegs floating around of Bobby, some of them are in public domain. I do hope you will buy Mack is Back! and other commerical videos, such as the movies that are available, from their original source. This will keep interest alive in Bobby material in the industry, pay the people who made them for a living and keep the door open for newer material to be released.

          If you have a question, send an email. We will try to address it here, as soon as possible. Thanks for all the input and support.

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