Bobby Darin

Bio Picture Rumors from February 1998


This excerpt comes from Liz Smith's Newsday (New York, NY) column, February 17, 1998.

"HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD: Drew Barrymore, starring in "The Wedding Singer," is gearing up to play America's Sweetheart of the '50s, Sandra Dee.
Rumors are flying that Johnny Depp could play Sandra's great love, Bobby Darin, in this biopic . . ."

NOTE: I wish they would decide and get this movie started!

Thanks, Andy, for this information!


Whatta great couple! Imagine their life story on film! Imagine all the merchandising goodies this could produce for all of the fans!
I'm ready ... heck I've BEEN ready for a LONG time! (And I'm sure YOU have too!)

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