Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin’s Role In First Movie
Gives Insight To His Real Nature

The Tuscaloosa News – February 5, 1961

by Erskine Johnson
Newspaper Enterprise Association

HOLLYWOOD – (NEA) – Indissoluble Bobby Darin shrugged off his critics and put an Iron Curtain around his two-month-old marriage to Sandra Dee. But he didn’t mind admitting that his first movie had given him the role of a cocksure, commanding fellow “pretty close to me—like me.”

He’ll be just as cocksure and commanding in his next two films, he added, “but all three fellows have chinks in their armor.”

Bobby Darin has a chink in his cocky, confident armor, too—a rare one which will come as a crushing blow to the anti-Darin set when I will spill it in just a minute.

First, here’s Bobby laughing about being “the dramatic relief” in his first movie, and kidding his manager with the words, “What have you done for me in the last 20 minutes?”

While talking, he gulped a sandwich, changed clothes and made faces at himself in a mirror. He checked a set of advertising proofs and spoke briefly, answering and asking questions, with 14 (actual count) associates. Bobby was the sure-spoken, cocky little fellow his critics abhor but can’t change, he said, because:

“Me I know. They might numb my brain a little but they can’t change me or my thoughts. I want people to like me, of course, but I’m not going out of my way to make them like me.”

There’s a show business needle—“if Frank Sinatra only had Bobby Darin’s confidence”—and I thought about it again as the 24 year-old checked a music cue with Bud Yorkin.

Bobby Darin won’t be going out of his way, either, to keep the fan magazines happy with intimate little notes about his marriage last Dec. 1 to Sandra Dee.

They played young lovers in “Come September,” the Rock Hudson-Gina Lollobrigida co-starrer, a comedy, but if they stuck to the script or made up their own romantic words is no one’s business, says Bobby.

“That part of my life I want left A-lone,” he said, with a capital A.

The “pretty close to me—like me” nonsinging roles in “Come September,” and now “Too Late Blues” and “Separation Hill” for Paramount, he explains this way:

All three fellows are sort of cocksure guys. They have the hard shell going for them. They walk into a room and take command—not by force but by being positive. But like any hard shell, there’s a chink in their armor. That’s pretty close to me – like me.”

That’s when Bobby revealed the admirable chink in his armor.

The half hour in his dressing room was the frantic 30 minutes just before the taping of a TV show. This was his first big one, his own show, “Bobby Darin and Friends,” and about the show he said something the anti-Darin set will not be quoting, you can bet.

He said, “If the show is great it will be because of the people in it. If it bombs out, it will be my fault.”

(Thanks to Shiying for this article.)

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