Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin

1st Year's The Roughest, Kids....

This article appeared in Hollywood Hottest Stars Magazine 1961.

The razzle-dazzle world you two kids live in is a goofy business, at best.

First you both had trouble deciding who the next Mr. and the next Mrs. was going to be and then when you decided you were meant for each other, you learned that the world didn't quite agree with you. Not that anyone else's opinion matters---it's your life and your privilege to make of it what you will.

After your elopement and the first flush of marital happiness had simmered down with the realization that you had many years ahead of you, you were floored by the various reports on how your marriage was progressing, the mistakes you were making, the battles you were having, and the overbearing sternness of you Bobby toward your wife.

As every married couple in the world knows, there is always a period of adjustment for newlyweds, who after having lived much as they pleased in their single state find a complete change taking place overnight. The sharing one must do in marriage is a priceless lesson to learn; it can make or break a union no matter how perfect its potential.

And so it follows that if Sandra is in complete agreement with her husband's actions and with his handling of her business affairs, this is all that counts. You should set your pattern of living for yourselves and not be swayed by anyone, regardless how well-meaning.

Bobby's convictions that he's going to die young so he's got to make it fast, and his brash statements to the press ("I'm glad I'm arrogant" -- "Critics have opinions - not talent" -- and "it's no sin to be great") may jangle the reading world, but if the little woman agrees with him then all is serene. If on the other hand she discovers that what she believed to be her husband's defense against the cruel world he was plunged into is instead his real personality she may have more on her hands than she can handle.

Somewhere a happy medium exists and it is up to the two of you to conquer the setbacks and the problems of your first year and forever profit from them.

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