Bobby Darin

"He's A Gasser!"

This article appeared the March 1960 issue of Movie Mirror Magazine.

Bobby Darin is fast on his way to becoming a top all-around entertainer.

A new long-term, multiple-picture contract with Paramount will net him $35,000 on his first movie alone. With a great deal of self-confidence, Bobby has triumphed in every sphere of entertainment he's ever attacked - night-club work, records and TV appearances.

"If I'm this good at 22," Bobby quipped, "I ought to be better than Sinatra when I'm his age."

So far, the going has been good. George Burns, with an unusual eye for young talent, has taken Bobby under his protective wing and given him many opportunities to appear with him. Says George: "Just look at that boy . . . all those years left to smoke cigars!" And to light them with dollar bills if Bobby keeps going at the same rate.

Recently Bobby formed Addison Records with two other friends-- a recording and distributing company. Meanwhile he will continue to cut records for ATCO until his contract runs out.

Instead of being "Bobby Darin: That's All", his latest album should have read, "Bobby Darin: That's The Most!"

Pictures that appeared with this article:

Dany Dale was Bobby's companion when he appeared at the Sands in Las Vegas.

Bobby visiting a teenage dance, relaxing and with George Burns in Las Vegas.

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