The Legendary Bobby Darin

Geoff Edwards - Interview with Steve Blauner

Geoff Edwards host of Radio Tonight interviewed Bobby's friend and manager Steve Blauner on his program
June 12, 2000. It was a wonderful interview since both men had worked with Bobby and were very close to him.

Geoff and Steve have given me permission to share the interview on this site.

I tried to edit, but there may be a few seconds of commercial breaks I could not edit out.

  • Steve's time in the Air Force

  • Steve's career with Screen Gems and his film career (The Monkees, Easy Rider, and Five Easy Pieces)

  • Steve recalls his career as Bobby's manager

  • A question from a fan of Bobby's and much more about Bobby

  • Geoff and Steve remember Bobby

  • Interview copyright The Cypress Radio Network, Inc.

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