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The Godmother!

Don't you change the dial..
"Don't you change the dial..."

"The Godmother" was a popular comedy segment seen almost weekly on NBC's The Bobby Darin Amusement Company (summer of 1972) and The Bobby Darin Show (Jan-April 1973.) Riding high on the success of the film "The Godfather," the segments consisted of interviews in a question and answer format with "The Godmother" (Bobby), "a noted authority on many subjects" by series regular Geoff Edwards.

Love, sex, marriage, money, child care.....no topic was too challenging for The Godmother, who offered "her" pearls of wisdom to the audience, in between "her" flirtations with "Cutesy Pie" (Edwards).

The writers of The Bobby Darin Show included Charles Issacs, Howard Albrecht, Sol Weinstein, Jack Manrahan, Don Sherman, Sidney Miller, Alan Thicke, Neal Marshall, Saul Illson , Ernest Chambers and Bobby Darin.

THE GODMOTHER: (Smiling, holding bomb) "Oh, Please stay tuned for the second half
of the show, yes you gonna enjoy it, I know it! And if you don't stay tuned, I know
where you live and I'm gonna come over an fix the ignition in your car!"


    On Childcare

    THE GODMOTHER: Go ahead, more! I wanna hear more questions!

    Geoff: Alright, this is...

    THE GODMOTHER: (pinching Geoff's cheek) OH BELLO! Go ahead!

    Geoff: This from a woman from California, it's very serious....

    THE GODMOTHER: (getting serious) Oh sure!

    Geoff: "My son is a chronic bedwetter, what should I do?"

    THE GODMOTHER: Ah, and you say the lady lives in-a California?

    Geoff: California, yes...

    THE GODMOTHER: Well, thats very simple, all you do is, no more, you let him sleep in the bed, let him sleep in the swimming pool, huh?..then he can do what he wants and nobody knows the difference! Don't invite nobody swimming...but that's ok...go ahead, next question!


Let him sleep in the swimming pool,huh?

    On Current Movies

    Geoff: (Looking at clipboard) Okay,"What is your feeling about all the nudity we see
    in the movies?"

    THE GODMOTHER: Yes, that's terrible! That's a- shocking! Last week, I'm not
    kidding you, Geoff, you dont mind if I call you Geoff?

    Geoff: No, thanks.

    THE GODMOTHER: Good,it's so nice to hear... (closing eyes)GEOFF! , yes I like
    that! Last week, I go to the movies, huh..I'm not kidding you, I go to the movies and
    I see ***GASP*** the theatre with bodies wrapped around each other, with hugging
    and kissing and biting and scratching!

    Geoff: Wow, what was the name of that picture?

    THE GODMOTHER: I never saw the picture, that was happening in the lobby!
    I jumped right in there! Hee hee hee!! OOOO,I love it!


OOO I love it!

    On Love

    Geoff: Godmother, we got a final question here...

    THE GODMOTHER: Yes!! I'm excited!

    Geoff: This final question, a listener from Texas writes and he says "Dear Godmother".....

    THE GODMOTHER: Ahh cute.

    Geoff:(laughing)"I bet your personal love life with The Godfather has been good and I..."

    THE GODMOTHER: You betta your goo-gootz Texas it's been good! Oh yes, no question
    about that... it's been a wonderful life for the three of us.

    Geoff: The three of you?

    THE GODMOTHER: Oh yes... me, The Godfather and Nunizio.

    Geoff: Who's Nunizio?

    THE GODMOTHER: Nunizio's my body guard!

    Geoff: Ahh I see.. he protects you from the outside world, right?

    THE GODMOTHER: Oh no, he protects me from The Godfather! The Godfather's a sex fiend!!! That's all-a-men think about one thing nasty nasty! That's a no exception, they gotta one track mind! (Looking at Geoff) But for you I make an exception, you cutesy! You got any more questions?

    Geoff: Yeah, where's Nunizio?

    THE GODMOTHER: (climbing on Geoff's lap) Don't worry about Nunizio! He'll be
    watching me! OH I like it! You a good boy!


But for you I make an exception, you cutesy!

    Dear Godmother

    Geoff: Alright, our first question comes from Teeneck, New Jersey...

    THE GODMOTHER: Nice Place! We got friends there. Go ahead!

    Geoff: It says "Dear Godmother..."

    THE GODMOTHER: Ooo, Say it again, linguini lips,(Patting Geoff on knee) I love the way it sounds....the way you say "Godmother", Ooo-Ooo..makes my pantyhose go boom ba boom-boom!

    Geoff: Okay Godmother...

    THE GODMOTHER: You gotta question, today?

    Geoff: Yes we do...


    Geoff: a listener writes..


    Geoff: "Dear Godmother"..


    Geoff: "I would like.."

    THE GODMOTHER: (affectionately) Say it again! Let me hear it one more time......

    Geoff: Alright, "Dear Godmother"...

    THE GODMOTHER: You make-a my garter belt go SNAP-A-SNAP! YES!!!
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