News From Harriet Wasser

"Hesh" and Bobby, circa 1959

Harriet Wasser was Bobby Darin's press agent and very good friend. She was also instrumental in his career and was extremely loyal to him throughout his life, and afterwards. I have been very blessed to have spoken to Harriet on the phone and she has kindly passed on some great news to me in a letter for all of you.

"Here is some exciting news for Bobby Darin fans.

"PBS will present a documentary focusing on Bobby's life on Monday December 7th at 10pm as part of their fundraiser for Station WNET-TV in New York. It is called 'Beyond The Song.'

"Some of the people interviewed for the show are: Dodd Darin, Steve Blauner, Dick Clark, Ahmet Ertegan, Connie Francis, Gary Walden, Al DiOrio and yours truly.

"The show will eventually be shown on the entire PBS network .I should have more details at a later date."

Harriet also shared, "Two albums I would like to see re-released are : "'Earthy' and 'Bobby Darin Sings Ray Charles.'"

Harriet also suggests: "Let's see if we can't get a U.S. Postage Service to put out a Bobby Darin stamp. People should write to the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee, 475 L'Infant Plaza, Washington, D.C. 20260-3100."

Here is some very disappointing news from Hesh: "The Bobby Darin film, which was to be directed by Barry Levinson, has been put off due to a disagreement between the parties involved as to the movies script."



The letter from Harriet

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