Tributes to BD by Glenn Miller

Bobby Darin: Around the World

With the approval of the Darin Estate and using both footage and audio from
Mack Is Back, the creative team of Steve and Glenn Miller, Millerbrosmusic, have put
together an amazing video ... a seemless mix of Bobby at his performing best and just
having fun. Viewing this performance from over 30 years ago, there's no denying
Bobby's talent and charisma still inspire today.

Heaven Swings ...
When Mr. Darin Sings!


Below is a wonderful song that Glenn Miller wrote and and sang as a tribute to Bobby.
Dodd Darin told Glenn that he was "very touched by the heartfelt lyrics" and he was
"completely blown away" by Glenn's inflection and timing,
which is so similar to his father's delivery.

Heaven Swings

There's a man at the gate he's complaining
he says he's not ready for you
please God come here and do some explaining
he swears what you've done is taboo

He wants answers and he'd like them real fast
he says he ain't got no time to waste
his impatience nobody can surpass
he says come on out show your face

It's like this said God to Bobby
we just wanna have you around
just look over there for your stage is set
so will you go and make a sound?

Took time out to consider the request
realized he just couldn't say no
he decided that he'd give 'em his best
said c'mon lets get on with the show

Made his way to the stage as the crowd roared
grabbed the mic then he started to sing
clicked his fingers the whole of the band soared
he cried out watch me make Heaven swing


He had only been there just a few days
but boy was he in big demand
yes he was the favourite as always
he had the crowd in the palm of his hand

The man is made solely of music
each part like a Finely tuned key
everything that he's got he will use it
no one else can compare you'd agree

We want more yelled the crowd to Bobby
there's no way we'll let you go
get up and take the stage again now
'cause you really stole the show

Heaven swings, Heaven swings
when Mr. Darin sings
He's got rhythm in his fingers
his head and in his toes
all over his body
see how it flows
when there's a crowd
he's in the middle
and God plays second fiddle (X 2)
to him of course



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