Bobby Darin

My Day with Bobby Darin

This article, written by Teen Reporter, Janice Vogt,
appeared in December, 1959 issure of Hep Cats Magazine.

The day Bobby Darin came to Tulsa is one that I'll never forget. The "Splish Splash" man had been a favorite of mine for a long while, but not until then, late in May, had I ever met him.

Twenty-two year old Bobby arrived in Tulsa by plane at the Municipal Airport at 9:07 a.m., and was greeted by a huge crowd of his fans and several local dee jays. I didn't meet Bobby at the airport; I was waiting for him at the record shop, which was his next scheduled appearance. I arrived early, anticipating a huge crowd, and waited quite a while for him to arrive.

I was talking to a friend when, suddenly, I turned . . . and there, approaching, I saw Bobby Darin. His light hair waving, his dark eyes flashing, he was dressed in a red shirt and grey slacks. He smiled as he walked slowly and calmly into the record shop. Everything was a mad scramble for awhile, but I did manage to get an interview -- between autographs, that is.

Bobby told me that he was from New York, and that as far as he was concerned it was a really great place to be from. He attended college for one year, but quit when he began to realize his greatest ambition was singing. He told me that, for as far back as he could remember, he only wanted to sing. He also told me that he will continue to sing, as he put it, "For as long as my fans want me to, and probably for quite a while after that."

Bobby's favorite singer is Sammy Davis, Jr. When I asked him what his favorite rock 'n roll song was, he replied, "I don't have any favorites. I like them all."

Of his own songs, he likes "Dream Lover" best. When I asked him for his address, he told me to write to him at 101 West 55th Street, N.Y.C. When one fan complained about not getting an answer to a letter she had sent him, he replied, "It's not surprising, honey, 'cause I get about a thousand letters a week."

Time just flew by, and all too soon he had to go. I promised him that I would finish the interview at his next stop which was another record shop.

Promptly at 3:15 p.m., Bobby appeared in front of the record shop and I detained him a few moments to take pictures. As usual, my camera acted up and the knob wouldn't turn. Bobby came to my rescue, though, and soon everything was okay. Several minutes and several pictures later, Bobby was once again signing autographs and, stopping just long enough to tell us that juvenile delinquents must be two things: immature juveniles and delinquent. I asked him where he would be playing next, and he said, "Next stop is the Ed Sullivan Show, and from there I play four weeks in Las Vegas at the Sahara."

At four o' clock it was time to leave and I followed him outside for more pictures and the autograph for Teen World readers.

Later on in the evening, Bobby Darin emceed the Miss Tulsa Pageant and sang many of his songs, old and new, giving them that wonderful driving beat that has made him famous.

All too soon it was time for him to leave, but if I live to be a thousand, I don't think I'll ever forget the way he looked. His dark eyes, his smile, his good looks and the way he waved as he slowly drove away.

Photos of Bobby taken by Janice Vogt.

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