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  • August 1, 1966: Bobby records all of the following songs for Atlantic. They have never been released. "Los Angeles," "I Can Live On Love," "Manhatten in My Heart," "LuLu's Back in Town," "Mountain Greenery," "For You," "What Now My Love," "It's Magic," "Danke Schoen," "My Own True Love," "On a Clear Day," "Quarter to Nine" and "Seventeen."

  • August 2, 1969: Tim Hardin's recording of "Simple Song of Freedom," written by Bobby, entered Billboards chart, it peaked at #50.

  • August 3, 1972: Airdate for The Bobby Darin Amusement Company TV show. Guests included Debbie Reynolds and Charles Nelson Reilly. Bobby sang "Charade," "Beyond the Sea" and "You and Me Babe"(duet with Debbie Reynolds.)

  • August 4, 1958: "Splish Splash" reached #3 on the Billboard Charts.

  • August 4, 1966: "Los Angeles," co-written with Francine Forest, is copyrighted.

  • August 4, 1972: Bobby performs a concert in Central Park.

  • August 6, 1958: "Lost Love," co-written with Don Kirshner and "Revolution of the Goats,"
    co-written with Norman Strassberg are copyrighted.

  • August 7, 1959: Bobby debuted in Hollywood at The Cloisters. George Burns introduced him.

  • August 7, 1964: "Soul City" is copyrighted. This Bobby Darin penned song would be the title cut of Roosevelt Grier's Album Soul City, that Bobby produced.

  • August 9, 1960: Bobby's "Autumn Blues" is copyrighted.

  • August 9, 1961: Come September opened.

  • August 9, 1968: Bobby copyrights the following songs. They would appear on his First Direction LP Bobby Darin Born Walden Robert Cassotto. "Change," "I Can See the Wind,"
    "In Memoriam,"
    "The Proper Gander," "Questions" and "Sunday."

  • August 10, 1972: Airdate for The Bobby Darin Amusement Company TV show. Guests included Pat Paulsen, Joan Rivers, Dusty Springfield. Bobby sang "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight," and "You Got a Friend"(duet with Dusty Springfield.)

  • August 11, 1970: Bobby appears on Della, hosted by Della Reese.

  • August 12, 1966: Sandra Dee filed for divorce.

  • August 13 and 17, 1960: The sessions with Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer for the ATCO LP (33-126) Two of a Kind were recorded.

  • August 14, 1960: Bobby records "Lily of Laguna" for ATCO.

  • August 15, 1961: "Multiplication" is copyrighted. Bobby sang this song in the movie Come September.

  • August 15, 1966: Bobby records Tim Hardin's "If I Were a Carpenter." Produced by Charles Koppelman and Don Rubin, this Atlantic single #2350 would reach #8 on the Pop Charts.

  • August 15, 1966: Bobby records in Los Angeles "Misty Roses," "Daydream" and "Lovin' You."

  • August 16, 1966: Darin appeared with Richard Pryor (making his Vegas debut) at the Flamingo, Las Vegas.

  • August 17, 1960: Bobby records "Back in Your Own Backyard" for ATCO.

  • August 17, 1972: Airdate for The Bobby Darin Amusement Company TV show. Guests included Donald O'Connor, Dionne Warwick, Phil Ford and Mimi Hines. Bobby sang "If I Were a Carpenter," "Spinning Wheel," "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" (duet with Donald O'Connor) and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (duet with Dionne Warwick.)

  • August 18, 1960: Bobby records the Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick song "Artificial Flowers." Produced by Ahmet Ertegun, Nesuhi Ertegun and Jerry Wexler. Arranged and Conducted by Richard Behrke this ATCO single #6179 would reach #20 on the Pop Charts.

  • August 18, 1960: Bobby records the Sid Arodin/Hoagy Carmichael song "Lazy River" with the same personnel as "Artificial Flowers." Released as ATCO single #6188 it would reach #14 on the Pop Charts.

  • August 19, 1965: Bobby records "Sweet Memories of You" and "Ain't That a Bunch of Nonsense" for Atlantic.

  • August 19, 1965: "We Didn't Ask To Be Brought Here" is recorded as Atlantic single #2305.

  • August 19, 20 and 21, 1960: The songs for the ATCO LP (33-125) The 25th Day of December were recorded.

  • August 21, 1957: Bobby records "Since You're Gone, I Can't Go On" and "So Mean" for ATCO.

  • August 21, 1957: "Don't Call My Name" and "Pretty Betty" are recorded. Bobby and Don Kirshner wrote both songs and ATCO released them as a single #6103.

  • August 22, 1960: Bobby records "Cecilia" for ATCO.

  • August 22, 1959: Bobby appears on Dick Clark's Beechnut Show with Fabian and Dodie Stevens. Bobby's songs: "Mack the Knife" and "Dream Lover."

  • August 22, 1964: Bobby copyrights "My Mom." Co-written with Terry Melcher, this song would be recorded by The Osmonds.

  • August 22, 1965: Bobby records "Funny What Love Can Do" for Atlantic. Besides writing this song, Bobby also produced this Atlantic single #2305.

  • August 23, 1958: Bobby sings "Splish Splash" as a guest on The Bob Crosby Show. Other guests on the program were Allen & DeWood and The Modernaires.

  • August 23, 1965: Bobby records "Baby I Miss You" for Atlantic.

  • August 24, 1959: On this day in history ... "Mack the Knife" debuts on Billboard's Singles Chart. Bobby's swinging interpretation would rocket this single to NUMBER 1 and remain at that position for 26 weeks. It will forever be regarded as a Classic.

  • August 24, 1963: "Treat My Baby Good," written by Bobby, debuts on Billboard's Singles Chart. It would peak at #43 and chart for 9 weeks.

  • August 24, 1963: The Capitol LP #1942 Eighteen Yellow Roses debuts on Billboard's LP Charts. It would peak at #98 and chart for 5 weeks.

  • August 24, 1972: Airdate for The Bobby Darin Amusement Company show. Guests included Carl Reiner and Claudine Longet.

  • August 25, 1962: "Things" hit number 3 on Billboard Charts.

  • August 25, 1965: That Funny Feeling, Bobby's third and final movie with wife Sandra Dee, opened.

  • August 25, 1967: Bobby performed at Princess Grace's annual Red Cross Gala in Monte Carlo.

  • August 26, 1964: "Wait By the Water" and "The Things in This House" are copyrighted.

  • August 26, 1973: Bobby's last concert was performed at the Hilton, Las Vegas.

  • August 28, 1962: "As Long As I'm Singing" and "A True True Love" are copyrighted.

  • August 29, 1958: Bobby copyrights "Queen of the Hop," co-written with Woody Harris.

  • August 31, 1967: Bobby appears on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

  • August 31, 1972: Airdate for The Bobby Darin Amusement Company TV show. Guests included Florence Henderson and Pat Paulsen. Bobby performs "That's All," "Artificial Flowers," "Work Song" and "Happy Together" (a duet with Florence Henderson.)

  • August, 1968: Commonwealth United Corp. bought Darin's T. M. Music.

  • August, 1972: Motown LP Bobby Darin was released.

  • August, 1973: Happy Mother's Day, Love George (aka Run Stranger Run) was released.

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