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  • December 1, 1960: Bobby Darin marries Sandra Dee.

  • December 2, 1959: Bobby Darin appears on This Is Your Life.

  • December 2, 1969: "Bob" Darin plays Sahara in Las Vegas, turns down requests for "Mack the Knife."

  • December 2, 1972: Bobby appears on the NBC teenage talk show series, "Talking with a Giant."

  • December 3, 1959: Bobby appears on The Big Party.

  • December 3, 1964: Bobby copyrights "Wendy."

  • December 4, 1959: Bobby Darin is questioned about payola scandal and his radio appearances on Alan Freed's show by the New York District Attorney. He denies paying Freed.

  • December 5, 1958: Bobby records "While I'm Gone," "Plain Jane," "Hush,
    Somebody's Calling My Name,"
    "I Ain't Sharin' Sharon" and "Didn't It Feel Good"
    for ATCO. "Plain Jane," ATCO single #6133, reached #38 on the Pop Charts.

  • December 7, 1964: Bobby appears on the Andy Williams Show along with Robert Goulet.

  • December 8, 1960: Bobby copyrights "Two of a Kind," co-written with Johnny Mercer.

  • December 9, 1962: Bobby is the mystery guest on What's My Line?

  • December 10, 1966: "The Girl That Stood Beside Me" debuts on Billboard's Single Charts.
    The ATCO single #2367 would peak at #66 and chart for 5 weeks.

  • December 11, 1961: "Irresistible You" debuts on Billboard's Singles Chart. The ATCO
    single #6214 would peak at #15 and chart for 13 weeks.

  • December 11, 1973: Bobby enters Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in L.A. to repair two artificial
    heart valves received in a previous operation.

  • December 13, 1960: Bobby co-hosts with Dick Clark on American Bandstand.

  • December 13, 1963: Bobby copyrights "Elizabeth."

  • December 13-14-15 1965: Bobby records "After You've Gone," "Lover Come Back to Me," "Ace in the Hole," "The Sheik of Araby," "The Breaking Point," "Cute," "It's Only a Paper Moon," "This Could Be the Start of Something Big," "Silver Dollar," "The Best Is yet to
    Come," "I Got Plenty of Nothin,'" "Baby Won't You Please Come Home" and "Liza" for
    ATCO. This session would result in several songs for the LP "Bobby Darin Sings the Shadow of Your Smile." ATCO #SD-8121 ATCO also released "The Breaking Point"/"Silver Dollar"
    as a single #2317.

  • December 15, 1962: "I Found a New Baby" debuts on Billboard's Singles Chart. The ATCO single #6244 would peak at #90 and chart for 1 week.

  • December 15, 1965: Bobby copyrights "Gone."

  • December 16, 1961: Dodd Mitchell Darin was born at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital.

  • December 17, 1957: Bobby makes his debut on American Bandstand singing "Don't Call My Name" and chats with Dick Clark.

  • December 17, 1970: Bobby appears on The Flip Wilson Show.

  • December 17, 2004: Premiere of the Bobby Darin movie, Beyond the Sea.

  • December 18, 1961: "Multiplication" debuts on Billboard's Singles Chart. The ATCO single #6214 would peak at #30 and chart for 10 weeks.

  • December 19-24 1958: Bobby records "That's the Way Love Is," "That's All," "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise," "Where Is the One," "She Needs Me," "Through a Long and Sleepless Night," "Was There a Call for Me" and "Mack the Knife" for ATCO. This session would result
    in the LP"That's All" ATCO #33-104. ATCO released "Mack the Knife" as a single #6147 and
    it soared all the way to #1.

  • December 19, 1960: "Christmas Auld Lang Syne" debuts on Billboard's Singles Chart. The ATCO single #6183 would peak at #51 and chart for 3 week.

  • December 20, 1973: After eight hours on operating table, Bobby Darin dies at the age of thirty-seven.

  • December 21, 1960: Pepe is released.

  • December 21, 1969: The Happy Ending is released.

  • December 22, 1960: Bobby records "Similau" and "Look for My True Love" for ATCO.

  • December 23, 1968: Bobby guest stars on The Joey Bishop Show.

  • December 24, 1958: Bobby records "Beyond the Sea," "I'll Remember April," "Some of
    These Days"
    and "It Ain't Necessarily So" for ATCO. This session would produce more songs for the LP That's All ATCO #33-104. ATCO released "Beyond the Sea" as a single #6158 reaching #6 on the Pop Charts and #15 on the R & B Charts.

  • December 26, 1959: TV Guide profiles Bobby ("Hottest Singer Since Elvis.")

  • December 26, 1960: "Child of God" debuts on Billboard's Singles Chart. The ATCO single #6183 would peak at #95 and chart for 1 week.

  • December 26, 1962: Bobby copyrights "The Great Society" and "You're the Reason I'm Living."

  • December 26, 1964: "From Hello Dolly to Goodbye Charlie" debuts on Billboard's LP Chart. The Capitol LP #2194 would peak at #107 and chart for 8 weeks.

  • December 26, 1969: Bobby copyrights "Baby May" and "Sweet Reasons."

  • December 29, 1963: Bobby appears on The Judy Garland Show.

  • December 29, 1971: Bobby appears on The Merv Griffin Show.

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