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The Darin Invasion


The Darin Invasion was a syndicated television special that aired October 1971. Taped in Canada October 1970, the variety hour featured Bobby and his guests George Burns, Linda Ronstadt, The Poppy Family and Pat Carroll.

One highlight of the program was Bobby and George Burns singing "I Ain't Got Nobody" and performing their soft show routine they first performed in Las Vegas.

Bobby and George I Ain't Got Nobody Right here!

In the original version of the program, Bobby and Pat Carroll acted in a short comedy sketch. (This was edited out of the DVD version that is now available.)

Bobby and Pat Carroll Bobby and Pat CarrollBobby and Pat Carroll

The best part of the program was, of course, Bobby's singing. His numbers included "Higher and Higher," "Hi-De-Ho," "If I Were a Carpenter" and "Simple Song of Freedom." Bobby also accompanied Linda Ronstadt on the guitar during her solo of "Long, Long Time." Mr. Darin also appeared in full makeup and costume as the character Fagin from the musical Oliver! and sang "Reviewing the Situation."

BobbyLong,Long Time Hi-De-Ho Reviewing The Situation Bee Dee!! Dig on this, my main man!

At the time of the taping, Bobby was very ill, but as usual, his audience could never see it. A few months later he underwent his first open heart operation.

Simple Song of Freedom

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