Bobby Darin

It's Today




      Pass the peanuts

      Get the ice out

      Roll the rug up

      It's today.


      Though it may not be anyone's birthday

      And though it's far from the first of the year

      I know that this very minute has history in it

      We're here ...


      It's a time for making merry

      And I'm for making hay

      Tune the grand up

      Dance your shoes off

      Strike the band up

      It's today ...


      Light up the candles

      Fill up the punch bowl

      Throw confetti, yeah ...

      It's today ...


      Life can also be lived on a weekday

      So don't depend on a holiday date

      If you need New Year's to bubble

      Then order a double and wait ... awh ... wait ...


      Awh ... there's a thank you

      You can give life

      If you live life

      All the way.


      Call the cops out ...

      Hold the roof down ...

      Pull the stops out ...

      It's today ... ...







Lyrics provided by Ester Toribio

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