Bobby Darin and Terry Kellman

Terry Kellman was Bobby's guitar player, on the road in the early 1970's, as well on The Bobby Darin Amusement Company and The Bobby Darin Show. He is heard playing brillantly on Live: At the Desert Inn and appeared on Midnight Special, The Tonight Show, The Dick Cavett Show and The David Frost Show, backing up Bobby on his guitar.

Audio: Bobby introducing Terry on Live: At the Desert Inn

Terry and Darin had a shared admiration of Chess, which Bobby was obsessed with, on the road and during filming breaks, and on the show. One time in a New Orleans hotel room, Terry beat Bobby in a heated match and Bobby took it well, but at the same time, rather hard. However, Darin came back to beat Terry in another match. "And another and another and another," Terry recalled recently.

Terry was there the fateful day, in 1973 at Tommy Amato's apartment, when Bobby made his feelings known about not having long to live. The band went on to back Tony Orlando and Dawn, when Bobby was not able to perform anymore. The band was together when they heard the news of Bobby Darin's death. They all took it very hard, but the show went on that night, knowing Bobby would of wanted it that way.

Terry Kellman

Terry has many fond memories of working with Bobby. "It seems like it was yesterday," he has said. Today, Mr. Kellman lives in Reno Nevada, maintaining a very busy schedule. He is currently the musical director of the oldies group The Diamonds ("Little Darlin'").

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