Bobby Darin and Bobby Kennedy

Bobby Darin respected and admired Senator Robert F. Kennedy. In fact, he believed in him so much that Darin campaigned for Kennedy during the Presidental elections in 1968.

Darin's close friend and manager Steve Blauner shared on the recent PBS Special: "Bobby Darin: Beyond the Song" "Bobby was very close to Bobby Kennedy, he campaigned for him. In fact they were up in Seattle right before he was killed. On the plane Bobby (RFK) would come over to him and say, 'Sing my favorite song' ... it was "Blowin' In the Wind" ... and Bobby (Darin) would take out his guitar and play it."

"Robert Kennedy was a huge influence," Dodd Darin agreed on the PBS Special, "He really believed that RFK was sincere and could change things ... he was with him a couple of days before he was murdered ... and that stunned him to the core."

The picture above appeared in the May 10, 1968 issue of Life Magazine, with the article entitled "The Stars Leap Into Politics." Many celebrities were featured, including Mr. Darin who was quoted below.

Cover of the magazine.

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