Bobby Darin

How He Gets His Kicks!

This article appeared in the October 1959 issue of
Teen Magazine.

When a new star like Bobby Darin starts zooming toward the million-dollar-a-year mark, he sets up a corporation. Bobby just did. "King Kong," he calls it. Why? That's his secret.

But it's no secret that Bobby "goes ape" for the star life he's worked hard for and won at 23.

He gets the biggest kind of kick from every aspect of it: the tours, TV shows, famous night clubs where his name glitters on the marquee, fabulous resorts he could only dream of visiting when he was Bobby Cassotto of the Bronx, celebrated friends that he once could only admire from afar, and, of course, the beautiful girls he gets to meet and date.

Recently, in Miami, it was like having all his thrills in one fabulous gift-wrapped package. He was there for a TV show, after winding up a sensational tour, appearing with some of the greatest names in the world, living at the ultramodern Americana, and dating a gorgeous brunette named Bonnie Carroll.

The life of Riley might be fine for some, but the life of Darin is surely more exciting!

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