Bobby Darin:1936-1973

The Death Of A Legend

This article contributed by Harriet Wasser,
was published in "Rona Barrett's Hollywood" magazine in May of 1974.

"Life to me is struggles, successes,and failures.
Living is what is going onin between those things.
I have life, but whether or not I am living is something else."---
Bobby Darin, 1972

These were Bobby Darin's words spoken only a year prior to December 20, 1973 - the day when all his struggles, successes and failures were automatically transformed into biographical statistics: the day when his heart stopped beating.

Bobby had a history of heart trouble, manifested after he was stricken with rheumatic fever at the age of eight. In 1971 he underwent open heart surgery for five hours for the insertion of two artificial valves. The day before he died, Bobby reportedly went through major surgery for a second time, to repair one of the valves which was malfunctioning.

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