At 37, Bobby Darin died at Cedars-Sinai Medical center in Los Angeles where he had been hospitalized since December 11. He is survived by a young son, Dodd, age 12, from his first marriage to actress Sandra Dee  (they divorced in 1967).His second wife, pretty Andrea Yeager and Darin were divorced in Las Vegas shortly before he was hospitalized for the last time.
Born in Harlem New York, Walden Robert Cassotto alias Bobby Darin was raised in a tough neighborhood but even as a child he strived for success and recognition, studying painstakingly to secure admission to the Bronx High school of Science. During his school days he was well known for his flashy flamboyant style and his tremendous enthusiasm for getting ahead.
Bobby & his first wife, Sandra Dee
starred in three movies together
& shared a young son, Dodd.
Sandra was grief stricken at the news.
In 1958 Bobby hit the big time with his self penned smash recording of "Splish Splash". He fast gained the reputation of being cocky, brash, and self-assured--a trademark that lingered throughout his early success years. Darin managed to become a superstar in the era of Elvis Presley, Fabian and Frankie Avalon. By the time he was 23, Bobby had four million selling records under his belt (Splish Splash, Queen Of the Hop, Dream Lover and Mack The Knife) and was heading for the big-time show rooms in Las Vegas.

In 1960 he made headlines by marrying Sandra Dee, the actress every teenage girl idolized and every teenage boy swooned over. He bought a Rolls Royce and became active in the movie field. In 1963 he was nominated for an Academy award for Best Supporting actor in "Captain Newman MD". In the early 60s Bobby Darin was on top of the world , but within five years , his career began sliding downhill and his marriage to Sandra began to crumble. The assassination of his friend, Bobby Kennedy, in 1968 seemed to be the last straw for Bobby and he retreated from his gaudy lifestyle and temporarily dropped out of show business to "find out what life was really all about."

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