Story-Book Girl

Life Showers Its Blessings on Sandra Dee
Husband, Son, Career, Home, and Rolls Royce

This article, written by Reba and Bonnie Churchill, appeared in the
"Family Section" of the February 6, 1966 issue of Grit Magazine

Sandra Dee, married to Bobby Darin, has one son, four-year-old Dodd, one pink Spanish home (formerly owned by Frank Sinatra), one Rolls Royce, two dogs; a Pomeranian named PomPom, and a poodle called Melinda, and an eight-year-old movie career.

At 23, everyone would agree she has a story-book life. However, if Sandy and Bobby ever listed their likes and dislikes in one of those match-making computers, it would probably put the machine into a tizzy!

To Quote the Brown-Eyed Blonde

"He likes a house filled with people, the hi-fi on in one room, the TV in the other, and 20 friends all asking 'Can I have a sandwich?' I like quiet evenings. He likes classical music, plays it by the hour, but often it makes me depressed."

"When it comes to sports and games, he's a cheerful loser. I am not. In fact, he's the only one who'll play Monopoly with me. I love to talk, he usually only gets wound up discussing business. He refuses to gossip. I love to dance. He loves to sleep."

Two things they do agree on is continuing with their twin careers, and the upbringing of their son, Dodd. They are determined that he must have a thoroughly normal life and continually turn down home layouts or photo requests that involve their son. Currently Dodd is enrolled in Nursery school with his best pal, four-year-old John Clark Gable.

"Bobby is the boss inside the house, I'm the boss outside. At least, that's what he tells me," Sandra smiled. "Every once in awhile, we have a special evening on the town when I get to take charge."

No Dates Before Darin

Darin, realizing that Sandy never went out on dates (except studio arranged publicity ones) prior to meeting and marriage, understands the fact that her teen years were minus the usual boy-dates-girl relationship. Occasionally, he'll send her flowers with a note inviting her out to dine.

"I pick the restaurant and movie," she confided. "Other times Bobby picks the film, and it's invariably a foreign one with subtitles."

The only flaw in such pleasant outings is Darin's schedule. With acting singing and supervising a record-music company, he has an extremely crowded timetable.

Left Waiting at Restaurant

"When we went to San Francisco (the first time when he didn't have a singing engagement or a business conference) we agreed to meet at at restaurant. I arrived wearing a new dress, and waited and waited. And Bobby? He was sound asleep at the hotel."

The usually energetic Mr. D explained that it took him 45 minutes to dress, Sandy three hours and were there any questions?

Working in Lisbon and Rome on the Universal film Welcome Home Mr. Beddoes (title was changed to A Man Could Get Killed) with James Garner, Melina Mercouri, and Tony Franciosa, meant separation for Sandra and Bobby, who had commitments back home. However, this only served to make the couple realize how much they have in common, how much they have to talk about, and how expensive trans-atlantic phone calls can be.

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